Biochemistry & Biotechnology laboratory (BY 470, BY 670 & CM 470)

"BY 470/CM570 is a laboratory course designed to introduce and apply the basic principle of biochemistry and biotechnology (enzymology-enzyme activity, kinetic and inhibition, chromatography, gel electrophoresis, separation and purification of proteins). Biotechnology is a rapidly emerging field that uses a set of techniques to derive and explore the unique characteristics of living organisms and their components. Biotechnology is already commonly used in medicine, agriculture, environment to diagnose diseases, make high-yield pest-resistant crops, bioremediate contamination sites. The specific experiments in this laboratory are chosen to illustrate biotechnology principles thought in Biochemistry I and Biochemistry II.".

From Dr. Silvana Andreescu's introduction to the Biochemistry & Biotechnology laboratory class.

Additions introduced by Dr. Darie include Western blotting and a full proteomics experiment (SDS-PAGE, staining, band excision and digestion with trypsin, peptide extraction, LC-MS/MS run, data analysis and data interpretation.

Group 1

Independent project: Special gels for proteomics applications


Group 2

Independent project: Qualitative and quantitative analysis of protein contents in various protein shakes


Group 3

Independent project: Proteomic analysis of proteins from various types of vegetal and animal origins



Group 4

Independent project: Determination of alcohol content in various types of beer, wine and spirits



Group 5

Independent project: Beer: investigation of its protein patterns and characterization of its proteins by mass spectrometry


Group 6

Independent project: Yogurts: a mass spectrometry-based investigation


Group 7

Independent project: Caffeine and its determination in various beverages: an HPLC-based investigation


Teaching Assistant


Teaching Assistant


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