Talks/ Videos

Some mine, some collaborations with fabulous students and colleagues.

Decoding Probabilistic Genotyping Software
Questioning Forensics 2020: 22 and You: Fighting for Privacy & Justice in an Age of Genetic Surveillance, Brooklyn Law School, January 15, 2020.

Algorithmic Accountability and the Securing of our Decision-Making Landscape
2019 Open Innovations Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, October 2019.
Video: Part 1, Part 2 , Part 3 , Part 4 , Part 5 , Part 6

Opting In: Privacy in the Digital Age
With Baratunde Thurston and Ariel Silverstone ,
SPIT Podcast, iHeartRadio, July 10 2019.

Where Have You Been All My Life?, April 2019.

Becoming a Researcher: Practical Strategies for Taming the Angst and Changing the World,
ACM Distinguished Speaker Program,
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Ejemplos de Investigación en Sistemas y Redes Virtuales
Universidad de Valle, Cali, Colombia, March 29 2019.
Video (Spanish).

Convertirse en un Investigador: Estrategias Prácticas para Calmar la Angustia y Cambiar el Mundo
Universidad de Valle, Cali, Colombia, March 29 2019.
Video (Spanish).

Conversatorio con Investigadores
Universidad de Valle, Cali, Colombia, March 29 2019.
Video (Spanish).

Introduction to Decision Making Algorithms
NYU Conference on Trade Secrets and Algorithmic Systems, November 16, 2018.

Opening the Black Box: Confronting Software-Based Evidence
Questioning Forensics 2018: Lawyers, Damn Lawyers, and Statistics, New York City Bar Association, November 2 2018.

You're just complaining because you're guilty: A DEF CON Guide to Adversarial Testing of Software Used In the Criminal Justice System
DEF CON 26 , Las Vegas, August 9-12 2018.
Video (English)
Schedule , Slides .

You're Just Complaining Because You're Guilty: Algorithmic Accountability and Transparency in Criminal Justice Software
Data and Society, New York, USA, June 27 2018.
Video (English with Sign Language).
Full Databite No. 112 with Darakhsan Mir and Taeyoon Choi.

Why are Computers Like Dumplings, February 2018.

Los Grandes Problemas de "Big Data"
Spring School on Networks 2017 (SSN2017), Pucon, Chile, October 20 2017.
Video (Mix of English and Spanish).

Big Data's Big Problems
ANYCON, Albany, New York, USA, June 17 2017.
Video (English).

allEyesOn(you); A Documentary Film, April 2017.

Big Data? Big Promise, Big Problems
CNY Hackathon Spring 2017, Utica College, Utica, New York, USA, April 2017.
Video (English).

Privacy and Security Problems of Big Data , November 23 2015.

Big Data's Big Problems
Science Cafe, September 29 2015.
Video (English).

VLAN Hopping, ARP Poisoning & Man-In-The-Middle Attacks in Virtualized Environments
DEFCON24, Las Vegas, August 6-9 2016.
Paper , Demos , Slides , Abstract/Bios .

The New IT Girls ,
Hannah Jeror, April 2016.

SOSP History Day ,
Video , Program .

Exploring Layer 2 Network Security in Virtualized Environments
DEFCON23, Las Vegas, August 6-9 2015.
Paper , Other Materials , Journal Version, Journal link