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Research Group

Present Members: Graduate Students

Daegan Gonyer
PhD Candidate
Cody Johnson
PhD Candidate
David Simpson
PhD Candidate
David Santefort
PhD Candidate
Shen Wei
PhD Candidate

Recent Group Pictures

Former Graduate Students

Keith Juda - M.S. 2018. Post-graduation employment: Systems Engineer, Epic Systems Corporation.

Michael Turk - Ph.D. 2017. Post-graduation employment: Process Engineer, Intel Corporation. Thesis: Electro-Analytical Study of Material Interfaces Relevant for Chemical Mechanical Planarization and Lithium Ion Batteries.

Xingzhao Shi - Ph.D. 2016. Post-graduation employment: Process Engineer, Globalfoundries. Thesis: Experimental Studies of Selected Aqueous Electrochemical Systems Relevant for Materials Processing in the Fabrications of Microelectronic Components and Direct Alcohol Fuel Cells.

Simon Rock - Ph. D. 2015. Post-graduation employment: Process Engineer, Micron Technology. Thesis: Material Characterization in the Electro-Analytic Approach for Applications in Chemical Mechanical Planarization and Electrochemical Energy Systems.

Tyler Mosher- M.S. 2013. Post-graduation employment: Lockheed Martin.

Daniel Crain - Ph. D. 2012. Thesis: Electro-Analytical Evaluation of Lithium Ion Batteries and Photovoltaic Cells. Postgraduation employment: Intel Corp.

John Garland - Ph. D. 2011. Thesis: Electro-Analytical Characterization of Solar Cells. Postgraduation employment: Process Engineer, Intel Corp.

Jianping Zheng - Ph.D., 2010. Thesis: Studies of Aqueous and Non-Aqueous Electrochemical Interfaces for Applications in Microelectronic and Energy Storage Systems. Post-graduation employment: Globalfoundries.

Christopher Sulyma - Ph.D., 2010. Thesis: Electrochemical Studies of Cu, Ta and TaN Surfaces in Aqueous Solutions for Applications in Chemical-Mechanical and Electrochemical- Mechanical Planarization Postgraduation employment:Process Engineer, Intel Corp.

Pubudu Goonetilleke - Ph.D., 2008. Thesis: Electrochemical Investigations of Advanced Materials for Microelectronic and Energy Storage Devices Postgraduation employment: Intel Corp.

Brian Klug -M.S., 2007. Postgraduation employment: Systems Engineer, Raytheon.

Jennifer Hubbley
- M.S., 2006. Postgraduation employment: Systems Engineer, Raytheon.

Christopher Pettit
- Ph.D., 2006, Thesis:
Electrochemical impedance and surface plasmon resonance studies of reactions at solid-liquid interfaces. Postgraduation employment: Assistant Professor of Physics, Emporia State University, Kansas (Associate Professor since 2012).

Kankoe Assiongbon - Ph.D., 2005. Thesis: Kinetics of electrochemically controlled surface reactions on bulk and thin film metals studied with Fourier transform impedance spectroscopy and surface plasmon resonance techniques. Postgraduation employment: Research Scientist in South Africa

Katherine Masaryk - M.S., 2005. Thesis: Langmuir and Frumkin Isotherms for analyzing electrosorption reactions in the framework of potentiodynamic impedance spectroscopy.

Jin Lu- Ph. D., 2004, Chemical Engineering (co-advised with Professor S.V. Babu) Thesis: Relative roles of chemicals and abrasives in metal and dielectric chemical mechanical planarization. Postgraduation employment: Micron

Michael Walters - Ph.D., 2003. Thesis: Investigation of adsorption reactions on Au and Ta using electrochemical techniques and optical second harmonic generation.
Postgraduation employment: Senior Optical Process Engineer, Corning Inc. Current employment: Assistant Professor of Physics, SUNY Plattsburgh.

Maurice Lovell - Ph.D., 1999 Thesis: Second Harmonic Generation Studies of Polycrystalline Copper and Molybdenum in Aqueous Media. Postgraduation employments: Postdoctoral Associate Kansas State University, Optical Scientist Richardson Grating Laboratory, Rochester, NY.

Kevin Kriescher- M.S., 1998. Postgraduation emplyment: Lumen Intellectual Property Services, CA.

Gabor Nagy - Ph.D., 1996 Thesis: Optical Second Harmonic Generation Studies of Electrochemical Interfaces. Postgraduation employments: Postdoctoral Fellow; Columbia University, Cornell University Nano-fabrication Laboratory, Scientist; Rockwell International.

James Delaney - Undergraduate Physics Major, B.S., 1995; Continued as a Graduate student, M.S., 1996. Postgraduation employments: US SPRINT; Systems Engineer, Lucent Technologies.

Steven Hotaling - Ph.D., 1995. Thesis : The Influence of Transition Metal Dopants on the Properties of Bismuth-Metal-Oxide Sillenites Grown by Czochralski and Hydrothermal Techniques.Postgraduation employment: USAF Rome Labs, NY.

Renhe Gao - Ph.D., 1993. Thesis : Thermodynamic and Electronic Aspects of Electrodeposition on Metals. Postgraduation employments: Research Associate at University of Maryland, College Park., Azino Corp.

Troy Hewitt - Undergraduate Physics Major, B.S., 1991; Continued as a Graduate Student, M.S., 1992. Thesis: Electrochemical and Optical Studies of Metal-Liquid Interfaces.
Postgraduation employment: Research Fellow, Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst., NY.

Former Undergraduate Students

Andrew Cardin - Physics major, Hons. Program, Class of 2014
George Calvey - Mechanical Eng./Physics dual degree, 2013
Gregory Zenger -
Undergraduate (ECE & Physics Double Major, Class of 2009)
Zachry Lewis - Undergraduate Physics Major (Class of 2008), McNair Scholar, 2006
Scott A. Aefsky - Undergraduate Physics Major (Class of 2006)
Sarah Phillips - Undergraduate Physics Major (Class of 2007), McNair Scholar, 2005
Maria Darling - Undergraduate Physics Major (Class of 2006), McNair Scholar, 2004, 2005
Chritopher Sulyma- Physics Major, Class of 2005 (continued as a graduate student)
Jennifer Hubbley- Physics Major, Class of 2005; McNair Scholar, 2003, 2004
Samuel Emery - Physics Major, Class of 2004; McNair Scholar, 2002, 2003
David Marr- Physics Major, Class of 2002
Nse Etukudo - ECE Major, Class of 2002; McNair Scholar, 2000, 2001
Amy Hall - Chemistry Major, Class of 2001
Daniel Zimmerman - Physics Major, Class of 2001
Brian Baseel - Physics Major, Class of 2003; HEOP Research Scholar, 2000
Mark Decker - Physics Major; HEOP Research Scholar, 2000
Ryan Kenner - Physics Major, Research Participant, 2000
Bryan Shepardson - ECE Major, Class of 2004; CU Honors Program Scholar, 2000
David Biss - Physics Major, Class of 1999
Francis Bock - Physics Major, Class of 1998
Peter Arcadi - Physics Major; McNair Scholar, 1997, 1998
Thomas Wu - NSF Young Scholar, 1992

Former Group Members

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