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Career and Educational Opportunities in Ecology, Conservation & other Environmental Sciences

Compiled by Tom Langen, Department of Biology, Clarkson University


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All of the following web sites are excellent places to investigate employment and internship opportunities, graduate school possibilities and career options. You should patiently explore each - it often requires some creative searching to find the information you want. Use the Search options, but try different key words because topics may be indexed in many ways (e.g. employment, jobs, internships, opportunities etc.). Please email any useful additions to this list.

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Clemson University's list of Horticultural Career Opportunities. A good place to look for recent listings of short-term & long-term horticultural jobs & internships

Cyber-Sierra's Natural Resources Job Search.  Searchable job search database, plus information on HOW to search for environmental jobs on the internet.

Earthworks-Jobs. Private sector jobs in the energy industries, mining, environmental assessment etc.

Global Volunteer Network. Opportunities for volunteer work in developing countries.

ECOLOG Archives. The searchable archives of the Ecological Society of America's listserv includes posts of all the latest job ads, internships, REU sites etc., plus lots of other ecological news.

ECO.org. A clearinghouse of paid internships in environmental science.

EELink . Environmental education jobs, internships, grants, educational resources etc. The place to start if you are interested in environmental education.

Environmental Career.com. A site for general career information in environmental science & policy that also includes numerous job listings and information on training and internships.

Environmental Career Opportunities. Another site with environmental jobs and internships.

Environmental Yellow Pages. Comprehensive, very general list of links, includes a Jobs Page.

E Jobs. Postings and links to private sector and government jobs in the US & Canada. Companies, non-profits, law firms and government agencies that offer environmental jobs in New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Massachusetts, and elsewhere.

Furman University's Biology Careers Page. An excellent place to find out about graduate programs and careers in biology-related fields.

The GIS Jobs Clearinghouse. Just what it says!

Great Lakes Information Network. An outstanding place to start looking for environmental jobs in the Great Lakes States. Includes government, NGO & industry listings.

Student Conservation Association. Outstanding volunteer and paid internships for summer break and longer-term. THE PLACE for short to medium term Federal Government environmental internships (e.g. BLM, National Park Service). Provides AMERICORPS benefits (scholarship $$, loan deferrals). Also provides useful career advice on how to break into the conservation field.

Texas A&M's Employment Opportunities in Wildlife and Fisheries Science. This is an outstanding resource for wildlife, fisheries, and other environmental jobs all over the country, not just in Texas.

The Ultimate Biology Career Guide . This provides a good resource for finding information on different career options with a biology degree .


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Dept. of the Interior job search web site. This has a fairly good search interface that allows you to select the state, GS pay grade level, and key-word(s).  Try using "Biologist" and "Biological Technician" keywords to search. This will search for positions throughout the Dept. of Interior, including FWS, BLM, & USGS.  

Center for Environmental Management of Military Lands (CEMML). at Colorado State University. Clearinghouse for environmental jobs related to military land stewardship. The site also provides lots of information on environmental issues related to military lands - start surfing at the CEMML Main Page.

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU) Program, National Science Foundation. Paying summer research internships for university students all over the country. A very worthwhile program to acquire research experience in science.

The New York Department of Environmental Conservation. To find listings of jobs with the DEC and other New York State governmental agencies you can also visit the New York State Department of Civil Service.

The Environmental Protection Agency. Advertises many internships that are reserved exclusively for recent college graduates and also posts advertisements for jobs at many environmentally-oriented government agencies.

Office of Personnel Management. The official US government site for jobs. Can apply for any US federal civil service job through this site.

Peace Corps. The Toughest Job You'll Ever Love remains the best opportunity to gain international experience for recent graduates of environmental science programs. Offers international programs in forestry, fisheries, and education. A Peace Corps stint is often a necessary springboard for gaining international employment through the US Agency for International Development or international NGO's.

The Smithsonian Institution. Many internships for the Smithsonian's museums and some jobs. Also includes the National Zoological Park and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center

Student Jobs.gov. Place to search for entry-level or temporary internships and jobs with the Federal Government.More information on federal jobs, study grants, volunteer opportunities and other resources useful for students can be found at Students.gov.

The United States Department of Agriculture. Advertises governmental and nonprofit jobs and educational opportunities related to agriculture.

US Department of Energy Science Undergraduate Laboratory Internships

US Environmental Protection Agency . One of the best programs for undergraduates looking for summer internship experience in environmental science which has a policy emphasis is the National Network for Environmental Management Studies.

The US Fish and Wildlife Service. Lists employment and volunteer opportunities plus information on careers.

The US Forest Service.

United States Geological Survey. Not just rocks & soils - USGS had divisions devoted to biology & most areas of environmental sciences. Advertises many internships that are reserved exclusively for recent college graduates and also posts advertisements for jobs at many environmentally-oriented government agencies.

State of Vermont Career Opportunities.

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American Fisheries Society Job Resources. Excellent resource for all things finny.

American Society of Limnology and Oceanography.

American Zoo and Aquarium Association. Realistic information and advice on zoo and aquarium careers, includes current job openings.

The Animal Behavior Society. Includes a guide to graduate programs in animal behavior (under resources), the newsletter (includes adverts. for jobs and graduate fellowships), links to university biology departments and the archive of ABSnet, a listerve of behavior-oriented announcements (includes adverts. for jobs and graduate fellowships).

The Aquatic Network.  Information on all things wet (e.g. fisheries, marine biology, aquaculture) including jobs and educational opportunities.

Botanical Society of America . Announcements of opportunities and advice on careers.

The Center for North American Herpetology has info on current jobs and general career advice, as well as other information on all facets of the discipline.

The Ecological Society of America. News and plenty more about every topic in ecology. Job announcements and fellowship opportunities at this link. Advice on finding a career in ecology, selecting and getting accepted to graduate school, and everything else you need to become an ecologist! The Ecolog archives has all of the latest announcements for jobs, internships and other news.

Environmental Federation of New England. Volunteer positions & internships at many New England environmental NGO's. Look under Get Involved.

Institute of Ecosystem Studies. Located in Millbrook NY, the IES offers employment opportunities and a number of REU positions.

National Council for Science and the Environment. Exhaustive source of career advice and information including reports on future job forcasts and needs.

National Military Fish and Wildlife Association. Site includes a job bulletin board, and links to military and other governmental environmental programs.

The National Wildlife Federation. Includes job & internship opportunities with the Federation, broken down by region of the US.

The Nature Conservancy. Includes searchable job listings (under Get Involved).

North American Association for Environmental Education. The first stop to look for information on starting a career in environmental education.

Ornithological Societies of North America. The place to find jobs and fellowships studying wild birds. The OSNA homepage has links on all aspects of ornithology, including graduate school information and funding opportunities.

Partners in Amphibian & Reptile Conservation. Listing for herptile job & educational opportunities. Elsewhere in the site has further information on conservation and education about reptiles and amphibians.

Sea Grant. Excellent marine careers site that provides the best first place to look for information on careers in marine biology, oceanography, ocean engineering and related fields.

Society for Conservation Biology. A first stop for information on conservation biology, from the world's principal professional society for this topic.

Society for Integrative and Comparative Biology. A very good source for Ph.D. positions, fellowships, and other university-based opportunities in organismal biology. The web site also provides basic information on careers in biology. It also provides links to some other, excellent sites for information on graduate school and professions in all areas of biology.

The Society of Wetland Scientists. A very complete job section, graduate school information, and other goodies.

SUNY-ESF Chapter of The Wildlife Society. Links to various New York area organizations concerned with the environment, and information on becoming a certified professional wildlife biologist. Also worth searching is the national site of The Wildlife Society. 

Tufts University Program in Animals & Public Policy. A unique program focused on animal welfare (ethics, policy, research), including issues related to animals used as pets, agricultural products, and laboratory subjects. This program is associated with the Vet School at Tufts. There are links to sites providing career advice and current job listings in the area of animal welfare and captive animal care.

Vermont Institute of Natural Science. Provides volunteer opportunities related to conservation biology in the New England area.

World Resources Institute. "Information, ideas, & solutions for global environmental change". Has paid internships related to global resource issues (see Job Openings), comprehensive information on environmental problems, educational sources, and links to organizations involved in international environmental concerns.

Wildlife Conservation Society. Careers, i nternships and volunteer opportunities at the Bronx Zoo or around the globe.

World Wildlife Fund. Internships and job opportunities in international conservation and environmental education.

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last updated 16 August 2010



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