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    Lab safety presentations

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  • Chemistry Laboratory Safety Rules
    Includes: Sharps Safety; Chemical Hood
    04/14/2010Yuri Roiter
  • Hazardous Chemicals Safety05/27/2010Venkateshwarlu Gopishetty
  • Chemical Hood and Fire Safety06/17/2010Hidenori Kuroki
  • About Chemical Wastes07/01/2010Taoufik Youbi
  • Safe Habits in the Laboratory07/08/2010Kenneth Yancey
  • Proper Chemical Handling Procedures07/14/2010Jeanette Dorler
  • Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)07/27/2010Raymond Cootware
  • Safety of Lab Works with Nanoparticles08/12/2010Ihor Tokarev
  • Centrifuge Use Safety01/27/2011Yuri Roiter

    Lab safety equipment and lab plan