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10/20-26/2010 | Clarkson University’s Minko Receives NSF Grant for Biofuels Research
Group's new grant from National Science Foundation has been highlighted by Clarkson University News. The studies will be performed in collaboration with Andriy Voronov and Scott Pryor from North Dakota State University.

News is also highlighted in:

12/15/2008 | Our AFM image of Single Molecules in - Long, longer, the longest: Polymer chains; © Y. Roiter and S. Minko, a 40-years world forum for doctors, surgeons and hospitals (Düsseldorf, Germany), used our AFM image (Y. Roiter and S. Minko) of single molecules to show contemporary level of material research in the article: "Substances: Material Rush Hits Medicine", - of the series: "Future Trends in Medical Technology".

Detailed information about our single molecule studies can be found on the corresponding research topic page.

03/24/2008 | Sergiy Minko has been listed as Featured Researcher at
Sergiy Minko - Featured Researcher at (supported by Taylor & Francis Group) has presented Sergiy Minko as

01/29/2008 | Clarkson University's Minko Featured in ACS Nano Podcast
by Clarkson University News, The Potsdam News, NanoNews, and Nanowerk.

01/10/2008 | Clarkson University Research Team Photo Featured Inside Cover of Advanced Materials
by Clarkson University News

04/19/2007 | Clarkson Students Win Excellence Awards at American Chemical Society Meeting
ACS Excellence for A. Soliani and M. Orlov by Clarkson University News. Awards were received by Maxim Orlov (not shown in the picture) and Anna Paola E. Soliani for the studies supervised by Prof. S. Minko and Dr. I. Tokarev.

In the picture left to right: Ihor Tokarev, Anna Paola E. Soliani, Sergiy Minko.

01-03/2007 | Clarkson University Professor Sergiy Minko to Speak at Nano Science and Technology Institute
by Nanotechnology Now, NYSTAR News, and Clarkson University News

01/25/2007 | Sea-Urchin-Inspired Nanotech Gel May Make Rain Slickers Slicker

10-12/2006 | Three Clarkson Faculty Honored for Research Funding Levels
by Clarkson University News and NYSTAR News

09-10/2006 | Clarkson University Professor Receives National Science Foundation Award to be Part of an International Research Team
by NYSTAR News and Clarkson University News

07/20/2006 | Clarkson Professors Co-Author Most Accessed Article in Chemical Magazine
by NYSTAR News and Clarkson University News

03/01/2006 | Noted Clarkson Researcher Edits New Book on Responsive Polymers
by Clarkson University News

09/01/2005 | Sergiy Minko of Clarkson University is the recipient of a $60,000 NSF grant
by NYSTAR News

06/09/2005 | Smart Clothes in Your Future
by Whitley Strieber's Unknown Country

04/29/2005 | Clarkson University Graduate Student Wins Travel Award To Attend American Chemical Society National Meeting
by Clarkson University News

11/2004-05/2005 | Clarkson Scientist's Research into "Smart" Clothing Materials Could Lead to New Synthetics with Biomedical Applications
by Clarkson University News, NYSTAR News, Society of Plastics Engineers' SPE Tech Focus Newsletter, and Espasio Para Todos (Space For Everybody)

Nanoparticles Help Create "Self-Cleaning" Clothes: by (U.S. Department of State).

Spinning the 'Smart Shirt': by Homeland Security Insight & Analysis.

"Smart" Clothing Materials Could Lead to Synthetics with Biomedical Applications: by Medical News Today, Advance News Magazines , Nano Tsunami, and Newswise, and

"Smart" clothing may have biomedical applications: by Medical Devices Faraday Partnership;

Nanocomposites in Smart Clothing Could Lead to Synthetics with Biomedical Applications: by AZoNano - The A to Z of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials

02/10/2005 | Clemson University researchers weave fabric of the future
by Small Times

11/19-23/2004 | "Self-cleaning" suits may be in your future
by American Chemical Society, ScienceDaily, SpaceRef - Space News as it Happens, Nanotechnology Now, Nano Tsunami, Innovations-Report, and ChemLin. Virtual Chemistry Library (pdf version)

02/01/2004 | Scientists In The News
by NYSTAR News

12/28/2003 | Sergiy Minko Named Egon Matijevic Chair Of Chemistry At Clarkson University
by Clarkson University News

12/28/2003 | Professor Minko searches for a 'super pill'
by Clarkson Integrator

11/24/2003 | Chemie: Schaltbare Ultrahydrophobie/Frei strukturierbare Funktionsschichten
by Nanotechnologie News from

11/14/2003 | Oberflächen mit schaltbarer Ultrahydrophobie
by Chemie.DE Information Service

11/14/2003 | Preise für neue, vielversprechende Funktionsschichten
by Innovations-Report

11/12/2003 | Preise für Funktionsschichten
by Das Physikportal