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Nucleation In ForesTs: NIFTY Project

Clarkson University is participating in a research project sponsored by NSF and Indiana University. A month long campaign is planned to research atmospheric particle nucleation within the Morgan-Monroe State Forest.  We will operate our unmanned aerial vehicle with a suite of particulate sensors installed to fly over the forest and surrounding farm land in order to study particle concentrations and variability and gather data on particle distribution and drift that would be unobtainable using sensors located on the ground or in fixed towers. Our vehicle will be the Vector-P Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) from IntelliTech Microsystems Inc.  The aircraft is equipped with a Micropilot MP-2028LRC autopilot and a digital spectrum transmitter. The MP-2028LRC is an integrated GPS and inertial navigation system with a pitot-static system, an ultrasonic altimeter, and a pair of radio modems with a 50 mile range.  The aircraft has a 10,000 ft ceiling and loiter time of 3 hours.  The payload will include aGRIMM Spectrometer Model 1.109 optical particle counter and a TSI 3007 Condensation Particle Counter.   

Students: Dan Valyou, Erik Zito, Will Hull, Josh Butler, Jonathan Hoffman
Investigators: Sara Pryor, Phil Hopke, Suresh Dhaniyala, Alan Rossner, Pier Marzocca;
Sponsor: NFS - Indiana University

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