HAIT Journal of Science and Engineering
Volume 1, Issue 3, pp. 411-435
© 2004 Holon Academic Institute of Technology


On the problem of Zitterbewegung of the Dirac electron

Daniel Sepunaru

Research Center for Quantum Communication Engineering,
Holon Academic Institute of Technology, 52 Golomb Str., Holon 58102, Israel
e-mail: danielsepunaru@walla.co.il
Received 6 July 2004, revised 23 September 2004, accepted 8 October 2004


Reformulation of Dirac equation in terms of real quadratic division algebra of quaternions is given. Similar equations with different mass term are identified as suitable for description of free propagating quark motion. The complete orthonormal set of the positive-energy plane wave solutions is presented. Therefore, Zitterbewegung phenomenon is absent in this formulation. The probability current is proportional to the momentum, as in standard Schrödinger wave mechanics.

PACS: 75.47.-m, 71.70.Di


Presented at International Workshop Correlated Electrons at High Magnetic Fields. Ein-Gedi/Holon, Israel, 19-23 December 2004

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