Academic Institute
  of Technology

  Journal of Science and Engineering 

Volume 1, Issue 3
1 December 2004

Contains Proceedings of the Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation
Correlated Electrons at High Magnetic Fields
Ein-Gedi/Holon, Israel, 19-23 December 2004

Editors of the issue:
Alexander Shik and Vladimir Privman


Relativistic and Classical Electrodynamics

On the problem of Zitterbewegung of the Dirac electron 411
Daniel Sepunaru
Quantum Hall electrodynamics: classical and relativistic aspects 436
Israel D. Vagner
Non-uniform two-dimensional electron gas in a magnetic field 470
Alexander Shik
Streamer propagation in magnetic field 498
Vladimir N. Zhuravlev, Tsofar Maniv, Israel D. Vagner, and Peter Wyder
Correlated Electrons

Critical behavior of the Pauli spin susceptibility in a strongly correlated 2D electron liquid 508
Alexander A. Shashkin, Svetlana Anissimova, Mohammed R. Sakr, Sergey V. Kravchenko, Valeri T. Dolgopolov, and Teun M. Klapwijk
On the theory of polarized Fermi liquid 517
Vladimir P. Mineev
Quantum Hall effects and edge states in layered disordered superconductors 528
Baruch Horovitz, Victor Kagalovsky, and Yshai Avishai
Thermal quantum Hall effect in disordered superconductors 542
Victor Kagalovsky, Baruch Horovitz, and Yshai Avishai
Phononless inelastic transport through a disordered array of quantum wires 554
Alexander L. Chudnovskiy
Quantum Information Processing

Studies of short-time decoherence for evaluation of quantum computer designs 573
Vladimir Privman and Denis Tolkunov
Numerical simulations of decoherence suppression in open quantum spin systems 586
Viatcheslav V. Dobrovitski, Hans A. De Raedt, Mikhail I. Katsnelson, and Bruce N. Harmon
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