Marko Budišić

I am an applied mathematician whose research combines dynamical systems with scientific computing, ergodic theory, braid theory, and analysis. I mostly focus on model-free techniques, which means that equations describing the dynamics are either unknown or too complicated to analyze directly.

What I use instead is data: either from simulations or from measurements. These measurements typically fall in one of the two categories: extremely high-level, or extremely detailed, but local. The challenge is then to extract information that is at the “interesting” level in between: providing insight, but not overwhelming.

last name pronounced: BOO-dish-itch           LaTeX : Budi\v{s}i\'{c}

May 2019

SIAM DS19 Minisymposium Presentation (PDF)

May 2019

SIAM DS19 Minitutorial on Koopman/DMD Presentation (PDF)

May 2019

Awarded Clarkson University Outstanding New Teacher Award

Fall 2018

I am on a family leave as we welcomed our first son, Luka.

Sep 2018

Dr. Angelynn Alvarez from SUNY Potsdam and I have been awarded a small grant from MSRI to start a Potsdam Math Circle in 2019.

Jun 2018

Attended NSF CBMS “Harmonic Analysis” meeting at Iowa State University

May 2018

Attended PICMath 2018 workshop at Brigham Young University

Apr 2018

Accepted into PICMath 2018 program with a grant to develop industrial math course for Spring ’19.

Mar 2018

Awarded inaugural Solinsky Ignite Pilot Grant (with B. Helenbrook and P. Piperni)

Jan 2018

Organized JMM2018 Project NExT panel on Incorporating Social Justice into Math Curriculum, with Drs. Hill, Hobson, and Thompson. Panelists: Drs. Adiredja, Crisman, and Khadjavi. Materials:

Dec 2017

Gave a talk at NOLTA2017

Nov 2017

Gave a talk at the Institute for STEM Ed seminar titled “My experiences with Project NExT

Nov 2017

FAQ for those interested in MA330 in the Spring semester

Sep 2017

Appointed (by courtesy) to the Assistant Professor at Institute for STEM Education.

Sep 2017

Visiting the old stomping grounds of Santa Barbara, CA for the Set Oriented Numerics Workshop

Aug 2017

I've been added to the list of Math Alliance mentors. Math Alliance goals are to increase participation in math sciences. (my mentor profile)

Aug 2017

Clarkson's Math Wall and Twitter accounts are now set-up: #CUMathWall @ClarksonMath

Jul 2017

Attended MAA Mathfest 2017 with Project NExT Blue’17. An eye-opening experience.

Jul 2017

A dead link to demo dataset in Koopman code has been fixed. Old posts (hosted at Wordpress) are back: Writings.

Jun 2017

Joined Project NExT Blue’17 cohort.

Jun 2017

Our team-written review “Frontiers of Chaotic Advection” in honor of the late H. Aref and S. Meleshko has finally been published: Rev. Mod. Phys

May 2017

It was great to meet all the new people at SIAM DS17. If you want to stay in touch, feel free to connect on ResearchGate or just shoot me an e-mail.

May 2017

Travel to SIAM DS17 conference (talk at Primrose B, Tue 1.15p, co-organizer of minisymposia MS94 and MS100)

Apr 2017

Spoke at Clarkson Center for Complex Systems Science (C3S2) Seminar

Apr 2017

Spoke at Chemical and Biochemical Engineering Department Colloquium (Clarkson)

Apr 2017

FAQ for those interested in MA330 in the Fall semester

Mar 2017

Speaking at Clarkson University Mechanical and Aerospace Seminar
Friday, Mar 10, 2pm, CAMP176

Feb 2017

Traveling to SIAM CSE 17 in Atlanta (talk)

Jan 2017

More info on MA725 now available!

Dec 2016

Spring teaching: MA330 and MA725

Aug 2016

Paper in DCDS-S published

Aug 2016

MA330 Info Page

Jul 2016

Moved to Clarkson

May 2016

Mesochronic Analysis paper updated on arXiv

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