Clarkson University Physical Therapy Program

Performing Arts Injury Prevention


Clarkson University Doctor of Physical Therapy students have collaborated with Crane School of Music faculty and students to develop a series of injury prevention workshops. This page has the handouts created for that project.


None of the activities or exercises described in these handouts should increase pain; if they do, stop doing them and see a health care provider for personalized guidance.


       Posture, body mechanics and ergonomics for musicians

       Trigger points: common symptoms and management

       Relaxation strategies

       Temporomandibular joint (jaw) pain


Additional resources

       Self-care: preventing common musician injuries

       Principles of stretching for musicians

       Stretching techniques for musicians

       Strengthening for musicians


Common conditions affecting musicians

       Hand, wrist and elbow conditions common among musicians

       Neck and shoulder conditions common among musicians

       Low back injuries common among musicians

       Hypermobility syndrome: symptoms and management



For questions, contact Physical Therapy faculty supervisor for this project, Dr. Leslie Russek, at