Joshua Thomas  

Current Research, focus on undergraduate research experience
Current work at Clarkson is on photometry and spectroscopy of binary stars. I have begun spectroscopic monitoring of hot stars. My collaborators include the Wolf-Rayet group at U. Montreal, and the Be star group at U. Toledo. My department chair and I procured funds from the Provost to purchase an Astro-Physics mount, Shelyak LHIRES III spectrograph, a Takahashi e130d astrograph, and a few cameras. The past few years of my research have focused on procuring money, researching equipment needed to build a usable observatory to train undergraduate students in astrophysics.

Check out our Fall 2016 ASNY Poster here!

Past Research
I have created a YouTube page to share my research on the Red Rectangle. I have linked a few of my videos below.

In the past I worked on a scattered light model of Eta Car. Archival

For my Masters I worked on gas phase fluorescence of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs). I will eventually upload the archival spectra.

3D Model and Animation

Numerical Simulation