Joshua Thomas  
Physics and Astronomy Related Fun

I have a real passion for public science outreach. I have given presentations to elementary through high school students on physics and astronomy. I have given public lectures on my research and popular topics. I have presented on a Science on a Sphere. I have also run an analog planetarium. The image below is from an "Astronomy Night" at a local elementary school.

Perhaps it was my love of photography that inspired me to play with telescopes. I'm an amateur photographer, but I have entered a few photos into photo competitions and a juried art show. Here is a sample of my work. From left to right in the first row "Adirondack Alpine" St. Lawrence Arts Council calendar 2016, "Colorful Pumice" Massena Artists Association Juried Art Show 3rd place, 2014. In the second row "Frozen Berries" 2nd place Massena winter carnival photo contest 2014, "Fungi Forest" submitted but not placed in an art show.

Hand Made Musical Instruments
I have dabbled with making musical instruments. I have made several simple flutes. My most complex project was build a hurdy gurdy, which I built with-out plans, and without having seen a real one. In order of figure out how to build a hurdy gurdy I did a lot of reading research (and video watching).