Complete Response of a First Order Circuit

The complete response of a first order circuit to a constant input described by an equation of the form

This equation shows the voltage v(t) to be a function of the time t. This function has three parameters, A, B, and tau. The figure shown below represents the same relationship between v(t) and t, graphically. This figure provides an opportunity the experiment with the values of these three parameters and observe the resulting changes to the shape of the plot.


  1. Set B=10 V and tau = 10 ms. Vary A.

  2. Set A=10 V and tau = 10 ms. Vary B.

  3. Set A=1 V and B=19 V. Vary tau.

  4. Set A=19 V and B=1 V. Vary tau.

  5. Set A=15 V and B=15 V. Vary tau.