Electronic Teaching Assistant

The Electronic Teaching Assistant consists of the Circuit Design Lab,
Interactive Illustrations and Electric Circuit Study Applets

Circuit Design Lab: Circuit parameters are adjusted using scrollbars  and changes in circuit performance are observed. "What if" explorations are invited. Each lab includes "Challenges" that provide an opportunity to design the circuit to satisfy performance specifications.


Interactive Illustrations: How should reference directions be selected? What is the relationship between phasors and sine waves? What does the response of a first order circuit look like? These questions, and others, are addressed using a series of interactive demonstrations. In each case, the interactivity of the demonstrations is used to focus atttention on  key issues.


Electric Circuit Study Applets: Here are several sets of homework problems, each providing exercises in a particular circuit analysis topic.

Each homework set poses of a series of circuit analysis problems.  The user's answer to each problem is checked by the program. If it is correct, that fact is announced. If not correct, the user is given another chance to answer. The program keeps track of the number of answers and of the number of correct answers. At any time the user can ask to see the correct answer.

Pop-up help screens in each module provide worked examples of typical problems and refer to the relevant pages in the Introduction to Electric Circuits, 6e by R.C. Dorf and J.A. Svoboda.