Janice T. Searleman     Janice T. Searleman
Department of Computer Science
Box 5815
Clarkson University
Potsdam, New York 13699-5815
cell: (315) 323-0674
E-mail: jets@clarkson.edu

Education & Professional Experience: 

Adjunct Research Professor of Computer Science, Clarkson University, 2015 to the present
Instructor of Computer Science, Clarkson University, 1978 to 2015
Research Interests:

Artificial Intelligence & Cognitive Science;
Virtual Environments;

Although my main research interest is in Artificial Intelligence, I am also interested in Virtual Environments, particularly with applications to Physical Therapy. I supervise a virtual reality laboratory which supports student research. More details about the VR lab can be found in the following link: (Clarkson VR Lab). Recently I have also been involved in Virtual Product Development.

Teaching Experience:

My primary teaching interests are in Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality, HCI, and Operating Systems. In particular, I have introduced an course on Virtual Reality (Virtual Environments: Principles & Applications) into the CS curriculum, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. To provide state-of-the-art facilities for VR, I supervise a Virtual Reality computer laboratory for the Computer Science Department.

Another recent course that I have developed is Human-Computer Interaction (HCI), also at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. In addition, I am currently part of an interdisciplinary team of faculty who are developing an undergraduate minor in Virtual Product Development.

I have taught the following courses:
Intro to Computer Science I and II (CS141/CS142), Data Structures (CS344), Advanced Programming Concepts in Java (CS242), Programming Languages (CS341), Operating Systems (CS444/544), Compiler Construction (CS445/545), Computer Graphics (CS452), Artificial Intelligence (CS451/551), Human-Computer Interaction (CS459/559), Virtual Environments (CS461/561), Virtual Tools in Engineering Design (ES305).

Programming Languages which I have taught include: Java, C++, C, LISP, Scheme, Prolog, Smalltalk, ML, Pascal, Ada, FORTRAN, PL/1, BASIC, COBOL, ALGOL, and assembly language.

I have supervised several directed study projects and Master's theses on the following topics: Virtual Environments, Distibuted Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Understanding, Intelligent Tutoring Systems, Programming Languages, Computer Graphics, Computer Networking

Recent Courses:

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