Clarkson sweeps first and second in the 1st Annual Unisys Tuxmaster Invitational. First place team (first row) holds the trophies and commerative plate that were awared at LinuxWorld in San Francisco, August 9 2005.

Back row - Second place team in the Unisys Tuxmaster Invitational

(left to right)
Jeremy Bongio, Junior, Computer Science
Justin Basinger, Senior, Software Engineering
Mike McCabe, Senior, Computer Science
Ed Despard, Recently graduated, B.S., Electrical Engineering

Front Row - First Place Team in the Unisys Tuxmaster Invitational

(left to right)
Todd Deshane, Ph.D. student, Mathematics and Computer Science
Jeanna Matthews, Assistant Professor, Computer Science
Patty Jablonski, Ph.D. student, Engineering Sciences

Unisys Tuxmaster Winners