UNIV 399-02

Global Experience - Brazil

Spring 2014 - 3 credits

Rio Skyline


Jeanna Matthews
Office: Science Center 389
Phone: 268-6288
E-mail: jnm@clarkson.edu
Homepage: http://www.clarkson.edu/~jnm


Class Times: Mondays 5:20-6:20
Trip Dates: May 15 - June 2 2014


Required: Brazil on the Rise, The story of a country transformed, Larry Rohter

Recommended: Lonely Planet Brazilian Phrasebook and Dictionary

Pre-Trip Activities

During-Trip Activities

Post-Trip Activities

Tentative Syllabus

Date Topic Other Notes
1: Update on dates/planning, Brazil's Big Year, Brazil in the News, Plans for weekly sessions, A few notes about preparing for travel, A bit of Portuguese The Economist (Jan 2014): Brazil's Big Year
The New Yorker (Jan 2014): Samba Soccer, The Transformation of Brazil's Most Storied Team ( Full Text
CDC Health Information for Travelers to Brazil
Travel Clinic (First Thursday of each month so Feb 6 and March 6 would be ideal)
Useful Brazilian Portuguese phrases
Visa Info: US citizens , Canadian citizens
Monday 1/20 2: NPR Brazil series
Brazil's New Middle Class
Brazilian Shopping Sprees to US
Trapped in Debt
Brazil's traffic is a circus
Considering Brazil
Brazilian President Postpones State Visit Over Spying Concerns
Pope's visit to Brazil
Rio's Pacified Favelas
BRIC economies face headwinds
Monday 1/27 3: Discuss Chapter 9 in Brazil on the Rise, Becoming a "Serious" Country
Repairs begin on iconic Rio Christ the Redeemer Statue (BBC, 1/21/14)
Monday 2/3 4: A bit of Brazilian History Optional Reading: Chapter 1 in Brazil on the Rise, A History of Booms and Busts
Great Brazil facts from the Embassy of Brazil in London!
What Brazil Can Teach the World About Living Well
Monday 2/10 5: Discuss Chapter 2 in Brazil on the Rise, Sin and Salvation South of the Equator, Jeito
Tracy's Presentation on Rio's Christ Redeemer Statue
Monday 2/17 6: Income Inequality, Protests, and the Rising Middle Class
Why Brazil's new middle class is seething (July 2013)
Protests in Brazil: The streets erupt (June 2013)
2013 protests in Brazil
The US has the worst income inquality in the developed world, thanks to Wall Street (August 2013)
Does Brazil Have the Answer? (Jan 2014)
The Deterioration (The Economist, Dec 2013)
The Anointed: Can a former political radical lead Brazil through its economic boom? (The New Yorker, Dec 2011) (Full Text)
Brazil - Inequality and Econmic Development
The Mass Protests in Brazil in June-July 2013
List of Countries by Income Equality
Monday 2/24 7: Discuss Chapter 3 in Brazil on the Rise, The Myth of a Racial Paradise
Black in Latin America Episode 2: Brazil a Racial Paradise
Brazil Travel Tips
Monday 3/3 8: Discuss Chapter 8 in Brazil on the Rise, The Amazon: Nationalism and Paranoia in the Jungle
Danielle's presentation on Carnival
Brazil ecotourism links
Costa Rican Ecotourism Success Story: Tirimbina
Carnival 2013 videos: Shorter , Longer
Carnival 2014 info
Monday 3/10 9:Guest Visit from Bryan Clark, Product Manager, Mozilla (Clarkson Alum, MS in CS 2004, BS in CS)
Monday 3/24 10: Dicuss Chapter 6 in Brazil on the Rise, Industrial Giant, Agricultural Superpower
Nikeisha's presentation on endangered species in the Amazon
Rebekah's presentation on currency, exchange rates, prices
Monday 3/31 11: Guest Visit from Dilma Da Silva, Principal Engineer/Manager at Qualcomm Research Silicon Valley
Monday 4/7 12: Basic Portuguese quiz (if you don't pass then you can come see me to repeat until Thursday of finals week *before* the final exam slot)

Cayley's presentation on Parque Estadal
Jamie's presentation on things we should eat in Brazil
Matt's presentation on soccer teams we will watch
Monday 4/14 13: Samba Option 1 (4:30-5:30 in the Adirondack Lodge)
Wednesday 4/16 13:Samba Option 2 (5:30-6:30 in the Adirondack Lodge)
Monday 4/21 14: Send emails for news list, Bring contact information

Annina's presentation on social norms
Cara's presentation on the history of Copacabana and Ipanema
Christine's presentation on the Olympics and the World Cup
4/29 Make up slot for presentations
Olivia's presentation on what to do on Ilha Grande
Elizabeth's presentation on Embraer and Sao Jose dos Campos
Renata's presentation on public transportation
Emily's presentation on planning our last day of shopping
Erin's presentation on the history of samba and samba clubs

Thursday 5/1 Final exam slot 7-10 PM, Review of the basics, Brazilian dinner, Trip logistics review/discussion, Everyone turns in drafts of all questions for the trip

FINAL LIST OF QUESTIONS FOR OUR HOSTS: List of 5-10 great questions for IBM, List of 5-10 great questions for HP, List of 5-10 great questions for Embraer, List of 5-10 great general questions, Reread chapter 9 and make sure your questions are respectful, thoughtful, excellent!!!

PREPARE FOR ECOTOURISM INTERVIEWS: Read pros/cons of ecotourism materials, Interview questions for ecotourism businesses on Ilha Grande to explore pros/cons of ecotourism

ANY MAKEUP READING/QUESTIONS:If you want/need to, updates to answers for questions on each chapter
Ecotourism in Latin America: Criticisms

The Pros and Cons of Ecotourism in Costa Rica

Sustainability Watch: Ecotourism

Eco-tourism: A new 'Green Revolution' in the Third World

Brazil ecotourism links

Costa Rican Ecotourism Success Story: Tirimbina
Thursday 5/15 Fly to Sao Paulo, Arrive morning of 5/16
Friday 5/16 Arrive morning, Stop at Corinthian's new stadium ( under construction)
Bovespa , Banespa Building (ID required);
Avenida Paulista
Wikipedia: Bovespa
TRYP Sao Paulo Paulista Hotel
Saturday 5/17
Butantan Institute
Portuguesa x America on Saturday in Caninde stadium
Dinner with Cristina Fernandes (CS professor at USP) in Villa Madalena, Virada Cultural
Sao Paulo Metro map
TRYP Sao Paulo Paulista Hotel
Sunday 5/18
Pedra Grande trail and Bugio trail in Parque Estadual da Cantareira (Note: sunrise 6:20/ sunset 5:20)
Find a place to watch Soccer match: Corinthians Vs Figueirense in new stadium, 4 PM
Another great hike: Pico do Jaragua
TRYP Sao Paulo Paulista Hotel
Monday 5/19
(Note: Most museums closed.) Rua 25 de marco, Mercado Municipal
Se Square
Parque do Ibirapuera ( Maps )
Hotel Unique
Centro Cultural Banco do Brasil
TRYP Sao Paulo Paulista Hotel
Tuesday 5/20
USP, Butantan
TRYP Sao Paulo Paulista Hotel
Wednesday 5/21
Check out of hotel early, HP, IBM
In Evening drive to Sao Jose Dos Campos ( 1.5 hours)
Thursday 5/22
Visit Embraer and Brazilian Aerospace Memorial; In Evening drive to Rio (4.5 hours) Cabana Copa
Friday 5/23
Sambadrome , Maracana stadium , Sugarloaf Mountain/Pao de Acucar, Samba school Cabana Copa
Saturday 5/24
Botanical Garden ,
Christ the Redeemer/Corcovado,
Plataforma Show
Parque Tijuca
Cabana Copa
Sunday 5/25 Beach, Roadway near beach closed on Sunday for biking/walking Cabana Copa
Monday 5/26 Tour Guide to Meet us at Hostel; Paco Imperial (can't go inside/closed Monday), Palacio do Catete, Centro Banco do Brasil Paco Imperial
Colonial Walking Tour
Cabana Copa
Tuesday 5/27 Check out of hostel and leave by 10 AM
Drive from Rio (4 hours) and 3:30 PM ferry to Ilha Grande
Pousada Cauca
Pousada Ancoradouro
Pousada Naturalia
Saturday 5/31 10 AM Ferry from Ilha Grande/Drive to Sao Paulo ( 6 hours)
Walk to see MASP
Evening out with Cristina Fernandes
Back to TRYP Sao Paulo Paulista Hotel
Sunday 6/1 Last day in Sao Paulo; Check out of hotel
10 AM Sao Bento (mass, Gregorian chants and organ, pasteries)
Afro Brazilian Museum (until 5 pm)
Go to top of Hotel Unique?
To airport
Leave 10:55 PM
Museu do Futebol until 5? Liberdade?
Monday 6/2 Return to US