April 16, 2006

Blogjects: A Field of Terms

John Marshall, in an email to Bruce Sterling, lists a huge number of different terms used to describe blogjects (spime-like objects that generate weblog data automatically--scroll down for the list). Striking for its sheer size, the list shows the linguistic diversity of this still-emergent field. Here's a small sampling from the B - C section of the list:

boundary objects
bridging objects
co-created objects
co-existent objects
collaborative designed objects
commodities / comm-oddities
computationally enabled objects
context-aware objects
critical designed objects
customised mass-production

Marshall's in-progress dissertation project sounds promising:

I'm currently working on a PhD thesis based on the notion that there a hybrid area of practice is emerging around the convergence of sculpture, industrial design and architecture. I am asserting that new sets of creative, cultural and economic conditions have stimulated intriguing levels of inquiry by creative practitioners to work across two or more of these domains and to seek out and use technologies that facilitate a particular blurring between these disciplines.

My hunch is that this convergence (enabled and accelerated by computer visualisation and manufacturing processes) signifies a multidirectional morphing of disciplines and the opportunity to create fundamentally new types of designed object and practice that eclipse conventional tropes.

[via Bruce Sterling's Spime Watch]

Posted by johndanseven at April 16, 2006 01:29 PM