Portraits of Complex Networks

Here's a variety of B-matrices. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view. Below are some animations as well.

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2D periodic 40 x 40 NS Lattice N40 M40 PeriodicTruec
2D 40 x 40 NS Lattice N40 M40c
3D periodic 15 x 15 x 15 NS CubicGraph N15x15x15 Periodicc
3D 15 x 15 x 15 NS CubicGraph N15x15x15c
2D skew periodic (one) 40 x 40 NS Lattice 40x40 SkewedBoundariesc
2D skew periodic (both) 40 x 40 NS Lattice N40 M40 BothSkewedPeriodicc
2D Periodic, 5% of nodes deleted 40 x 40 (originally) NS Lattice 40x40 Periodic 5percentNodesDeletedc


Erdos-Renyi: 1 run, 100 runs10000.008 NS ER N1000 P0 008c AveNS Runs100 GraphER N1000 P0.008c
Erdos-Renyi (at percolation)100001/11000, 1/10000 ER N10000 P1over11000paddedc ER N10000 P1over10000c
Newman-Watts-Strogatz (k=4)10001/20,1/10,1/5,2/5 NWS N1000 K4 P1over20paddedc NWS N1000 K4 P1over10paddedc NWS N1000 K4 P1over5paddedc NWS N1000 K4 P2over5paddedc


Barabasi-Albert 50000 23.0 NS BA N50000 M2c
Configuration Model 50000 N/A3.0 NS Canonical N50000 Exp3 MinK1c
Barabasi-Albert (100 runs) 2732 2 3.0 AveNS BA N2732 K2 Runs100c
Configuration Model (100 runs) 2732 N/A3.0 AveNS MR N2732 Exp3 0 Mk3 Runs100c
Krapivsky-Redner (r = 1/2, 100 runs) 2732 N/A3.0 AveNS KR N2732 P0 5 Runs100c

Real World

Most of this data is available from Mark Newman

Western States Power Grid NS Power Unweightedc
US Air 97 NS USAir97c
cond-mat 2005 cond-mat 2005
IMDb actors, top 10% most connected Actor TopTenPercentc
Complex Networks coauthorship (readme) netscience

Metabolic Networks


A rewired network is one in which random pairs of edges have been swapped in such a way that correlations are removed while the degree distribution is preserved.

(1,3)-Flower, Generation 6
2732 NS UVflower U1 V3 Gen6c
A Dynamical System
(basins of attraction)
1000 Naratip Large.Mat.Pngc Picture
Metabolic Net original473 NS MGd RewiredAssortBefore 0.174216c
Metabolic Net rewired473 NS MGd RewiredAssortZero0.000757c
Metabolic Net rewired473 AssortBeforeDuringAfter

Word Adjacency Nets

See Uri Alon's network downloads for more.

English7381 NS UVflower U1 V3 Gen6c
French8325 Naratip Large.Mat.Pngc
Japanese2704 NS MGd RewiredAssortZero0.000757c
Spanish11586 AssortBeforeDuringAfter


Erdos Renyi, 100 runs, 500 nodes, increasing p
Periodic Torus, edge Rewiring (degree distribution preserved) -> small world
Newman-Watts-Strogatz, increasing p