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Clarkson ACM was established in 1982 and has a rich history, check out some of the pages below describing the past projects, contests, and activities of our chapter:

LUG: Linux User's Group - Once a Special Interest Group at Clarkson, the LUG was sadly lost in time. The purpose of LUG was to promote an increased knowledge of the computer science, the right to know how the information is processed on our computers, and a greater interest in the Linux operating system and its applications.

ACMPC: Building the ACM Server - The ACMPC server was brought online by Nathan Straz, Andrew Levy and Ryan Esty on May 1, 1997 at 8:02 pm Eastern Daylight Time. It ran over 140 days, all summer, without a single problem. We built the system using the parts from our origninal PC, a 486DX2/66 and a few upgrades.