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The Clarkson University chapter of the Association for Computing Machinery, founded in 1982, is a student chapter that promotes the free interchange of information among specialists, students, and the public. It does this through various activities such as programming contests, help sessions on various topics like Linux, UNIX, viruses, and programming languages, as well as information tables and demonstrations of advanced software and graphics on advanced computer systems. We have a wide range of sources to help develop one's computing skills from other computers to use to online and hard copy books and brochures.

The question we are asked most is "do I need to know anything about computers to join?" The answer is "absolutely not." We will teach you anything that you want to know, provided that we have a member who knows it. We have even had a member learn a subject just to be able to teach it. All our projects have several components. If you can do great graphics for a project, that's terrific. If you write very well, you can find lots to do. The most important resource one can find in the Clarkson University ACM is the other members and what they know, and we're eager to be the campus resource for computing.

We have two computers that are our primary tools for carrying out our projects. One is an IBM RS/6000 UNIX workstation, and the other is a new PC, which we built, running the Red Hat distribution of Linux. This machine is currently serving as our own server for the World Wide Web, as well as hosting automated mailing lists for other campus groups and us. The server is a learning tool for setting up and maintaining a World Wide Web server and provides a new, less restrictive, Linux environment for a group of students to explore the possibilities of the Web. This server will also, hopefully, become a central location for the collection and distribution of electronic information on and around campus.

The Clarkson ACM is, in general, here for students or other members of the Clarkson community to get help from other knowledgeable students on just about any subject which is related to computers, information processing, data exchange, etc. in some way. Our primary focus is to learn something about computers, then extend that knowledge to practical applications, and educate the community about the subject. The Clarkson ACM is also a recognized C.U.S.A. (Clarkson University Student Association) student organization.