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Excellent PowerPoint presentation on statistical thinking in industry using DOE

Utility of DoE in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering

·        Statistics:

·        Outstanding glossary

·        Hypothesis testing 

·        Design of experiments

·        Books and courses:

·        Excellent introductory statistics course From UC Berkeley, with many interactive examples, Java Applets, and a glossary.  Works best with Firefox. (Recommend skipping probability chapters, 7 – 15.) 

·        Textbook with glossary.  Tables for normal, Student’s t, chi-square and F distributions.  Equations and graphs for these and many more distributions.

·        ”Design and Analysis of Experiments” (8th Edition) by D.C. Montgomery, Wiley (2013)

·        Statistics at Square One,” 10th edition, T.D.V. Swinscow and M.J. Campbell, BMJ Books (2002).  Introductory book primarily for medical statistics.

·        NIST/SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook

·        Statistical Design and Analysis of Experiments - With Applications to Engineering and Science,” 2nd Edition, Mason, Robert L.; Gunst, Richard F.; Hess, James L. (2003, John Wiley & Sons) Also available here.

·        Experiment Design and Analysis

·        Software:

·        Eureqa Formulize: http://formulize.nutonian.com/  (Searches for equations giving the best fit to data, while you watch!)

·        On-line fitting of 2D and 3D data (You pick the equation and it finds the constants giving the best fit.)

·        How to select DoE software

·        Excel tutorials

·        Gnumeric (free open-source substitute for Excel, for data analysis)

·        Design Expert from StatEase (design and analysis of factorial, RSM and mixture experiments)

·        Minitab (design and analysis of factorial, RSM and mixture experiments; data mining)

·        JMP from SAS (design and analysis of factorial and RSM experiments; data mining)

·        Unscrambler from Camo (design of experiments and analysis of data)

·        Statistica from StatSoft (data analysis and mining)

·        IBM SPSS (data analysis and mining)

·        Spotfire from TIBCO (data analysis and mining)

·        NCSS (power and sample size analysis; data analysis)

·        Free information and advice from StatEase

·        Articles and case studies  For example:

·        Excellent introduction: Optimize Your Process-Optimization Efforts”: (published in Chemical Engineering Progress, December 1996, p 51)

·        Keys to successful experiment design

·        Strategy of experimentation

·        Power

·        Rethink experiment design

·        Interpretation of one-factor ANOVA

·        Mixture design primer

·        Excellent: “Find the Optimal Formulation with Mixtures”: (published in Chemical Engineering Progress, April 1998, p 63)

·        Interpreting power in mixture designs

·        Recognizing and dealing with outliers

·        AND  MANY  MORE

·        Newsletters:

·        Leverage

·        Blocked factorial design example

·        Blocked mixture design example

·        FAQs

·       Leverage  ; More on leverage

·        Blogs

·        Webinars (PowerPoint slides of previous webinars, and announcements of future webinars)

·        DX9  tutorials

·        Six sigma:  http://www.isixsigma.com/tt/doe/ http://www.sixsigmain.it/Docs.html

·        NIST/SEMATECH Engineering Statistics Handbook

·        Power and sample size calculators: (Do this while planning the experiment, and not after when it’s too late.)

·        Statistics Division of the American Society for Quality Control

·        Data mining:

·        Discovering Knowledge in Data: An Introduction to Data Mining,” Daniel T. Larose, Wiley (2005).  Many other E-books on data mining available through libraries.

·        Graphical display of time-dependent (longitudinal) data.  Amazing graphical displays.

·        GDP/capita, population, CO2 emission, agricultural production, child mortality, HIV infection of countries: http://www.gapminder.org/

·        Housing prices of states: http://www.socr.ucla.edu/test.dir/GoogleMotionChart.html

·        Journals:


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Relationships between mathematical and Excel expressions

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