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Professional Development

·        AIChE (American Institute of Chemical Engineers)

·        Society of Biological Engineering

·        Chemical Heritage Magazine (wonderful interesting source of historical information)

·        What's important to practicing chemical engineers: Results of an international survey in 2004.  Results for the USA reveal that the 4 most important qualities are:

·        Ability to communicate effectively

·        Ability to work effectively as a member of a team

·        Ability to analyze information

·        Ability to solve problems

·        To become a licensed professional engineerNCEES (can download Reference Handbook free);  New York State.  Take the Fundamentals of Engineering exam (FE) this year while everything is fresh in your mind!  The FE exam is given twice a year, in April and October, with the registration deadline before that.  A reference handbook, sample questions & solutions, and an on-line diagnostic exam are available at NCEES study materials.  Also google "Fundamentals of Engineering Examination Review".  FE economics problems (how to solve and free example questions).   Clarkson's site .

·        Ethics for engineers, including case studies, codes, philosophy, and guidance:

·        Intellectual Property protection.  IP is usually the most important factor in the growth and survival of a company.  Google to find information on the following:

·        Keep good records, e.g. a bound lab notebook.  Particularly important pages should be signed, dated and witnessed.

·        Invention disclosure before public disclosure in a publication, presentation, etc.

·        Internal evaluation based on economic as well as novelty considerations.  Is the invention probably of commercial importance?  Is it really new?  Can it be defended or enforced?

·        Patent preparation with a patent attorney.  Requires reference of the prior art (especially related patents), drawing up of claims, example(s) of reduction to practice, drawings. 

·        Submission for U.S. and often international patents.  Systems and requirements vary widely.

·        Response to objections by the patent office.

·        Granting of patent.

·        Most patents make no money.  It is said that really valuable patents are not valid until they are tested in court.

·        Graduate School and fellowships

·        ASEE Directory of Engineering Colleges A huge amount of information provided by engineering schools.

·        ACS Directory of Graduate Research An excellent data base of chemical engineering, chemistry and biochemistry faculty members, searchable by name, university, research specialty, state, etc.  For each faculty member lists education, research interests, and recent papers and theses directed. 

·        Web pages for universities (remember that these are sales pitches)

·        Universities themselves offer a variety of financial aid, on the order of $21,000 per year plus tuition.  Applicants are normally considered automatically for these without the necessity for separate applications.  The usual types are:

·        Teaching assistantships, requiring on the order of 12 hours/week for assistance with undergraduate courses.

·        Research assistantships, funded by professors’ grants and contracts for specific research projects, the results from which are used for the students’ MS and PhD theses.

·        Fellowships funded by companies, foundations, individuals, governments for that particular university.

·        National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowships:  $32,000 per year stipend plus $12,000 cost of education allowance (e.g., tuition & fees). Very prestigious and gives you greater flexibility in choice of research projects.  Apply on-line by November.

·        National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowships:  $30,500/year stipend plus fees and medical insurance.  Apply on-line by January.

·        Science, Mathematics And Research for Transformation (SMART) Scholarship : From the Department of Defense. $25,000 to $41,000 stipend plus tuition and medical insurance.  Apply by December 1.

·        National Academies directory of scholarships, fellowships and grants

·        EPA Fellowships for Graduate Environmental Study Up to $25,000/year stipend plus expenses.  Apply in October.

·        Hertz Foundation Graduate Fellowships: Up to $36,000/9months.  Apply in October.

·        DOE Stewardship Science Graduate Fellowship: $36,000/year plus tuition. 

·        Job Hunting Advice

·        Want an unbeatable resume?

·        Resume advice

·        E-mail advice

·        How to stand out at a job fair

·        Salaries and wages from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.  By area and occupation.  

·        Salaries and jobs.  Salary data often not comprehensive or up to date.  Current job openings.

·        Web sites

·        Indeed

·        Linked in

Disclaimer: The material on these pages is intended for instructional purposes by Clarkson University students only.  Neither Clarkson University nor Professor Wilcox is responsible for problems caused by using this information.


Last updated September 27, 2015.  Comments and corrections should be sent to Professor William R. Wilcox


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