Weiqiang Ding


     Assistant Professor

     Dept. of Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineering

     Clarkson University 

     CAMP 203, Box 5725   

     Potsdam, NY, 13699-5725


     Phone: (315) 268-2205

     Fax: (315) 268-6695

     Email: wding@clarkson.edu

     Homepage: http://people.clarkson.edu/~wding


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Ph.D. (2005)  Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

M.S.   (2002)  Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University

B.E.   (1999)  Mechanical Engineering, Tsinghua University


  Research Interests

Mechanics of nanostructures

Micro/nanoscale adhesion

Mechanics of polymer nanocomposites


  Professional Experience

Assistant Professor, Clarkson University, 2006-present

Postdoctoral Fellow, Northwestern University, 2005-2006

Teaching Assistant, Northwestern University, 2004

Research Assistant, Northwestern University, 2000-2005


  Professional Affiliations

American Physical Society

Materials Research Society

American Society for Composites

American Society of Mechanical Engineers

American Society for Engineering Education



ES 222   Strength of Materials

AE457/CE421/ME457   Composite Mechanics and Design

CE521/ME557   Advanced Mechanics of Composite Materials



Royal E. Cabell Fellowship, Northwestern University, 2005

2nd Prize in the Student Poster Competition of 17th Annual Technical Conference of American Society for Composites, West Lafayette, IN. Oct. 21-23, 2002

Student Scholarship for 1st International Conference and School on Nanoscale/Molecular Mechanics, Maui, HI. May 12-17, 2002



  Refereed Journal Articles:

17. W. Ding, Micro/nano-particle manipulation and adhesion studies, Journal of Adhesion Science and Technology, accepted (2007)

16. W. Ding, A.J. Howard, M.D. M. Peri, C. Cetinkaya, Rolling resistance moment of microsphere on surfaces: contact measurements, Philosophical Magazine, 87(36), 5685-5696 (2007)

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6.  W. Ding, D. Dikin, X. Chen, X. Wang, X. Li, R. Piner, R. S. Ruoff, E. Zussman, Mechanics of hydrogenated amorphous carbon deposits from electron beam induced deposition of a paraffin precursor, Journal of Applied Physics, 98(1), 014905:1-7 (2005).

5.  Z. Huang, D. Dikin, W. Ding, Y. Qiao, X. Chen, Y. Fridman, R. S. Ruoff, Three-dimensional representation of curved nanowires, Journal of Microscopy, 216, 206-214 (2004).

4.  X. Chen, S. Zhang, G. Wagner, W. Ding, R. S. Ruoff, Mechanical resonance of quartz microfibers and boundary condition effects, Journal of Applied Physics, 95(9), 4823-4828 (2004).

3.  W. Ding, A. Eitan, F. T. Fisher, X. Chen, D. Dikin, R. Andrews, L. C. Brinson, L. S. Schadler, R. S. Ruoff, Direct observation of polymer sheathing in carbon nanotube-polycarbonate composites, Nano Letters, 3(11), 1593-1597 (2003).

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1.  D. Dikin, X. Chen, W. Ding, G. Wagner, R. S. Ruoff, Resonance vibration of amorphous SiO2 nanowires driven by mechanical or electrical field excitation, Journal of Applied Physics, 93(1), 226-230 (2003).


      Conference Proceedings/Abstracts:

7.  W. Ding, L. Calabri, K. M. Kohlhaas, X. Chen, R. S. Ruoff, Fracture mechanics of one-dimensional nanostructures, ECF 16 – 16th European Conference of Fracture: Failure Analysis of Nano and Engineering Materials and Structures, July 3-7, Alexandroupolis, Greece (2006).

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5.  R. S. Ruoff, L. Calabri, W. Ding, N. Pugno, Fracture strength of nanotubes, ICF11 - 11th International Conference on Fracture, Mar. 20-25, Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy (2005).

4.  W. Ding, F. T. Fisher, X. Chen, D. Dikin, R. S. Ruoff, Nanotube-polymer composite characterization via nanomanipulation experiments, 11th US-Japan Conference on Composite Materials, Sept. 9-11, Yamagata University, Japan (2004).

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1.  R. S. Ruoff, D. Qian, W. Liu, W. Ding, X. Chen, D. Dikin, What kind of carbon nanofiber is ideal for structural applications?, 43rd AIAA/ASME/ASCE/AHS Structures, Structural Dynamics, and Materials Conference, Apr. 22-25, Denver, CO (2002).


 Current Students

2006   Andrea J. Howard  (M.S. student)

2006   Sean White (M.S. student, co-advised)

2007   Huan Zhang (M.S./Ph.D. student, co-advised)

2007   Xiarong Tong (M.S. student, co-advised)


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