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About me


Stephen Bird is Associate Professor of Political Science at Clarkson University. His focus is mingled between energy & environmental policy, activism & social movements, and network analysis. Current projects include research on policy adoption & fracking, split incentive solutions (including Clarkson’s Smart Housing Project), energy poverty, energy conflict & social acceptance, and policy implementation for microgrids & green data centers. He completed his PhD at Boston University (2009) and a Masters’ in Government at Harvard University (extension, 2003). He was a Harvard Kennedy School Rappaport Fellow (2004), worked for the Electricity Policy Group (2001-2010), and was President of the Board of Directors at Mass Energy, a consumer’s energy non-profit (2004-2009). Consulting and engagements include the European Commission, the U.S. State Department, Massachusetts’ Environmental Affairs, and current work for the Clarkson-Nanos Consulting Partnership. He is affiliated with Clarkson’s Institute for a Sustainable Environment and the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems and is faculty advisor for Clarkson’s Synergy student energy club.


He loves climbing (rock and ice; also faculty advisor for Clarkson’s Outdoor Club, CUOC), and playing electric bass (fretted/fretless; jazz & rock). In a previous life (i.e. 1984-2001, and currently again), he worked as a professional musician, and graduated Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1988. He also worked for years as an art installer, preparator, and lighting designer in museums.



* Network image above courtesy of Seth Crawford; Energy Policy Board Interlocks