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About me


I have been Assistant Professor in political science at Clarkson since 2009. My focus is mingled between energy and environmental policy, social justice issues and activism, and network analysis. Current work includes research on split incentives and solutions (smart housing), energy poverty, Howard Zinn and activism, scholar activism, fracking, renewable portfolio standards, green data centers, social influence, and policy learning. I completed my dissertation on energy policy, social networks, and interest groups at Boston University in 2009. I received my masters in government (with honors) from Harvard (extension) in 2003, was the recipient of a Kennedy School Rappaport Fellowship in 2004, and worked for Harvardís Electricity Policy Group from 2001-2010.


I taught as an adjunct or lecturer at BU, Simmons College, and Northeastern University. My consulting experience includes work for the U.S. State Department (electricity restructuring, U.S. and Japan) and Massachusetts' Environmental Affairs (chemical risk assessment). I was president of the board of directors at Mass Energy (a consumerís energy non-profit) from 2004-2009. Iím affiliated with Clarksonís Institute for a Sustainable Environment and the Center for Sustainable Energy Systems and Iím also faculty advisor for Clarksonís Synergy student energy club.


I love climbing (rock and ice; Iím also faculty advisor for Clarksonís Outdoor Club, CUOC), and playing electric bass (fretted/fretless; jazz & rock).In a previous life (i.e. 1984-2001, and currently again), I worked as a professional musician, and I graduated Berklee College of Music in Boston in 1988. I also worked for years as an art installer, preparator, and lighting designer in museums.


* Network image above courtesy of Seth Crawford; Energy Policy Board Interlocks