Stephen Bird


Associate Professor, Political Science

Clarkson University


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Energy Conflict, Social Acceptance

2016/17 Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in Governance and Public Administration, and Senior Fellow (2017 on), Centre on Governance, Faculty of Social Sciences, Faculty Research Affiliate at Positive Energy, University of Ottawa, Canada.


Bird, Stephen, and Martin D. Heintzelman. 2017 (forthcoming). “Canada/U.S. Transboundary Energy Governance.” In Transboundary Environmental Governance Across the World’s Longest Border, edited by Stephen Brooks and Andrea Olive. East Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press.


Cleland, Michael, Stephen Bird, Stewart Fast, Shafak Sajid, and Louis Simard. “A Matter of Trust: The Role of Communities in Energy Decision-Making.” Ottawa Canada: University of Ottawa and Canada West Foundation, October 2016.


Bird, Stephen. “Gas Fired Power Facilities Case Study: Oakville and King Township Ontario.” A Matter of Trust: The Role of Communities in Energy Decision-Making. Ottawa Canada: University of Ottawa and Canada West Foundation, October 2016.


Microgrids: Governance and Policy Implementation

Developing Advanced Resilient Microgrid Technology to Improve Disaster Response Capability. Supported by National Science Foundation, National Grid, GE, and NYSERDA. Co- PI, (lead : Tom Ortmeyer) 2015 – 2018.


Bird, Stephen, and Chelsea Hotaling. forthcoming 2017. “Multi-Stakeholder Microgrids for Resilience and Sustainability.” Environmental Hazards, Special issue on Sustainability and Environmental Hazards, Peter Walker, Guest Editor.


Split Incentives: The Smart Housing Project at Clarkson

Primary Investigator. Clean Energy and Smart Student Housing: Motivational Interventions for Improved Energy Efficiency in University Housing. Supported by NYSERDA, FLIR Corp., and IBM (PI, and co-PI) 2013-2015. Project video. 


Amanda K. Sherman, Stephen Bird, Susan E. Powers, Alexandra J. Rowe, Lisa Legault. “Motivational orientation explains the link between political ideology and proenvironmental behavior.” Ecopsychology. Forthcoming. Accepted September 2016.


Residential Solar Adoption:

Bebonchu Atems, Stephen Bird, Martin Heintzelman, and Lisa Legault. “Predicting Residential Rooftop Solar.” Clarkson University Institute of Sustainable Environment Seed Grant Competition. $25,000. July 2016.


Henderson Galloo Island Wind Project Analysis:

Stephen Bird, Dan Kolundzic, Martin Heintzelman, Nik Nanos, and Bill Olson. Nanos Clarkson Research Collaboration, “Exploring the impact of the proposed Galloo Island energy project” for the Town of Henderson, NY. April 2016.



Walsh, Patrick J., Stephen Bird, and Martin D. Heintzelman. 2015. “Understanding Local Regulation of Fracking: A Spatial Econometric Approach.” Agricultural and Resource Economics Review 44 (2): 138–63.


Zinn, Activism, and Social Justice:

With Adam Silver, and Joshua Yesnowitz. “Discipline and Disciplined: Scholar-Activism and the Challenges of Engagement in Political Science.” Under review.


With Adam Silver, and Joshua Yesnowitz, eds. Agitation with a Smile: Howard Zinn’s Legacies and the Future of Activism, Hardcover, May 2013, Paradigm Publishers. Softcover, February 2014.


The “Last Lecture” at Clarkson: A Presentation on happiness, loss, and what matters in life to the Class of 2015, faculty, staff, trustees, and guests. 7 May 2015.


* Network image above courtesy of Seth Crawford; Energy Policy Board Interlocks