Stephen Bird


Assistant Professor, Political Science

Clarkson University



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                              Current/Recent Activities


Bird head shot 2Smart Housing Project at Clarkson University: Primary Investigator. Clean Energy and Smart Student Housing: Motivational Interventions for Improved Energy Efficiency in University Housing. NYSERDA PON 2631. $120,000. 2013-2015. Project video. 


Green Data Centers: Bird, S., Achuthan, A., Ait Maatallah, O., Hu, W., Janoyan, K., Kwasinski, A., Matthews, J., Mayhew, D., Owen, J.,  Marzocca, P. (2014). Distributed (green) data centers: A new concept for energy, computing, and telecommunications. Energy for Sustainable Development. Also NYSERDA PON 1772, $350,000. (co-PI) and $50,000 (supplemental, PI).


Zinn, Activism, and Social Justice:

With Adam Silver, and Joshua Yesnowitz. “Discipline and Disciplined: Scholar-Activism and the Challenges of Engagement in Political Science.” MPSA, April 2013; under review.


With Adam Silver, and Joshua Yesnowitz, eds. Agitation with a Smile: Howard Zinn’s Legacies and the Future of Activism, Hardcover, May 2013, Paradigm Publishers. Softcover, February 2014.


Energy Poverty: With Diana Hernández. “Policy Options for the Split Incentive: Increasing Energy Efficiency for Low-Income Renters.”  Energy Policy. 48, September, 506-514 (2012).



With Jeff Bigelow (ESE PhD candidate). “The Development of Comprehensive Fracking Policy: Liability, Transparency, and Protection.” MPSA, April 2013.


With Ross Miller (EPG Master’s candidate). “Fracking in the Empire State:  Environmental Regulation and Management at the Municipal Level.”


Canada – U.S. Energy Relations: “Energy Policy Challenges for Ontario – New York – Québec – New England: Energy Transportation and Trade.” Invited Panel & Presentation at Advanced Energy, NYC, May 2013.


The Renewable Portfolio Standard: “Determinants of a Meaningful Renewable Portfolio Standard: Politics, Penalties, Potential, & Policy.” Under development. Partially funding by the NSF REU Program.


* Network image above courtesy of Seth Crawford; Energy Policy Board Interlocks