Stephen Bird


Assistant Professor, Political Science

Clarkson University



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“Sociopolitical and Motivational Precursors to Pro-Environmental Behavior.” Amanda K. Sherman, Alex J. Rowe, Stephen Bird, Lisa Legault, & Sue Powers. Thousand Islands Energy Research Forum. Ottawa, Oct. 24, 2014.


Bird head shot 2Smart Housing Project at Clarkson University:

Primary Investigator. Clean Energy and Smart Student Housing: Motivational Interventions for Improved Energy Efficiency in University Housing. NYSERDA PON 2631 & 2606, & FLIR Corp (PI, and co-PI) 2013-2015.
Project video. 


Motivating Resource Conservation through Real-Time Feedback & Education. Applying Behavioral Strategies to Energy Decisions and Behaviors. NYSERDA and American Academy of Arts and Sciences. Pace University, June 18-19, 2014. Poster.


Zinn, Activism, and Social Justice:

With Adam Silver, and Joshua Yesnowitz. “Discipline and Disciplined: Scholar-Activism and the Challenges of Engagement in Political Science.” MPSA, April 2013. Under review.


With Adam Silver, and Joshua Yesnowitz, eds. Agitation with a Smile: Howard Zinn’s Legacies and the Future of Activism, Hardcover, May 2013, Paradigm Publishers. Softcover, February 2014.



With Martin Heintzelman (Clarkson) and Patrick J. Walsh (EPA). “Understanding Local Regulation of Hydro-Fracking: A Spatial Econometric Approach.” NAREA (Northeast Agricultural and Resource Economics Association) June 4, 2014, Morgantown. Conference Paper winner, $1000 prize. Article under Review.


“Fracking, Local Control, and the State Moratorium: NY’s Complex Policy Landscape.” Watermark Blog, Beacon Institute, Beacon, NY. 5-23-2014.


With Ross Miller (EPG MS) & Bebonchu Atems (Clarkson). “Fracking in the Empire State: Environmental Coproduction, Stakeholder Perceptions, and Policy Type.” 2014. Article under Review.


2014 Environmental Science, Policy and Engineering Winter Seminar Series: Energy Supply in the 21st Century. Union College, Schenectady, NY. Jan. 15, 2014. “Hydro-Fracking, Global Warming, and New York State: What To Do?”


Green Data Centers:

Bird, S., Achuthan, A., Ait Maatallah, O., Hu, W., Janoyan, K., Kwasinski, A., Matthews, J., Mayhew, D., Owen, J., Marzocca, P. (2014). Distributed (green) data centers: A new concept for energy, computing, and telecommunications. Energy for Sustainable Development. Also NYSERDA PON 1772, $350,000. (co-PI) and $50,000 (supplemental, PI).


“Data Centers and Distributed Renewables: Two Peas in a POD.” Kendra Tupper (Rocky Mountain Institute) and Stephen Bird. July 25, 2013. RMI Blog.


Energy Poverty & Split Incentives:

Overcoming the Split Incentive Barrier in the Building Sector. Invited Lecturer, Workshop. European Commission Directorate General Joint Research Centre, Institute for Energy and Transport, Renewable Energy Unit, Energy Efficiency Action Team. 13 March 2014, Namur, Belgium.


With Diana Hernández. “Policy Options for the Split Incentive: Increasing Energy Efficiency for Low-Income Renters.” Energy Policy. 48, September, 506-514 (2012).


* Network image above courtesy of Seth Crawford; Energy Policy Board Interlocks