Studies are focused on the application of all types of chemistry and some engineering principles to create advanced materials having superior properties and functions. Topics being actively investigated are listed elsewhere in this website and have important applications in ceramic, composite, dental, electronic, imaging, medical and polymer, renewable energy and security technology. The conversion of waste organic material into fuel oil and of environmentally hazardous chlorocarbons into nontoxic chemicals is being evaluated.

Research in colloid and surface science includes use of aerosol and solution phase methods to prepare powders composed of inorganic, metallic or organic materials, development of new coating methods for the preparation of core-shell composite particles, covalently tethering reactive functionalities to metal oxide particles, and use of plasma to selectively modify particle surfaces.

Recent projects on coating aluminum nitride, boron nitride and silicon carbide ceramic powders with metals, metal oxides or polymers, mixed metal oxides including superconductors with silver, and phosphor particles used for imaging and fluorescent lighting have been successful. Research on chemical strengthening and thermal conductivity of composites using selectively prepared fillers, and on coating abrasive powders for chemical mechanical planarization/(CMP) is in progress. Metamaterial concepts are being applied to develop new broad wavelength optical limiters.



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Dr. Richard E. Partch

Particle Engineering for Better Medicine  (Video Courtesy:
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