June 12, 2000

    We have for about a week now been simulcasting WAIH from SUNY Potsdam and will continue to do so for the summer months. Periodiclly we will have our own air staff on the station. July 6-9 Alumni weekend we will be running all our own staff. We also encourage Alumni's to come down and particapate in live air shows. Also, shoutcast has been temporary moved due to server complications. Please use the link on the live broadcast page. Should you have questions or concerns contact the WTSC Business line @ 315-268-7658.

May 12, 2000

    Congratulations to all the graduating Seniors and to evryone else have a fun summer!!! We are now offically off the air for the summer months. We will resume regular programming in the first week of September. Should you need to contact anyone please send an e-mail to radio@clarkson.edu The web pages will be revamped shortly to reflect changes. Thank you for visiting, Have a good day!!! :)

February 27, 2000

    There has been a long delay since the last update. This semesters top 30 lists have been put up, as well as a new schedule going up within a couple of days. Check out WTSC broadcasting live over the Internet through the "Shoutcast" server. All you need is Winamp to listen to the radio on your computer. Keep Rockin'

January 18, 2000

    New website is up as you've probably noticed. This is the last redesign...I promise. Here is the latest SCHEDULE (sorry but it is an excel file). I'll have the html schedule up when the shows start filling up more. As you can see there is a lot of room left for shows. For info on how to contact Marty Sewell for a slot check out the staff page. The shoutcast streaming mp3 server is still down, cross your fingers to get it back online.




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