Academic Institute
  of Technology

  Journal of Science and Engineering 

Volume 1, Issue 4
30 December 2004

Contains Proceedings of the Research Workshop of the Israel Science Foundation
Correlated Electrons at High Magnetic Fields
Ein-Gedi/Holon, Israel, 19-23 December 2004

Editors of the issue:
Jacob Azoulay and Tsofar Maniv


Quantum Dots and Spin Resonances

Crossover of a quantum dot with spin-orbit interaction in a high magnetic field to a quantum Hall ferromagnet 601
Procolo Lucignano, Benoit Jouault, and Arturo Tagliacozzo
Thermalized Liouville formalism applied to the onset and development of Rabi oscillations 626
Pierre G. Averbuch
De Haas - van Alphen Effect and Magnetic Interactions

Condon domains - these non-magnetic diamagnetic domains 647
Valerij S. Egorov
Dynamic and size dependent effects in the Condon domain state 673
Nathan Logoboy, Alexander Gordon, and Walter Joss
Superconductivity in Strong Magnetic Fields

Anomalous behavior of the upper critical field due to energy dependent broadening of the Landau levels 707
Vladimir N. Zhuravlev and Vladimir Shapiro
Fast phase transition and shock waves of the vortex matter in type-II superconductors 721
Boris Ya. Shapiro, Irina Shapiro, Baruch Rosenstein, and Pei-Jen Lin
Quantitative theory of stable and metastable phases in the vortex matter of type II superconductors 743
Dingping Li, Baruch Rosenstein, and Pei-Jen Lin
Incoherence and enhanced magnetic quantum oscillations in the mixed state of a layered organic superconductor 771
Vladimir M. Gvozdikov and Jochen Wosnitza
Applied Electronic Materials

Modeling of electronic transport in molecular doped polymers by the time-of-flight method 782
Nina R. Mirchin and Aaron Peled
Shear strain of a piezoelectric pipe induced by an electrode cover 811
Pinchas Malits
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