HAIT Journal of Science and Engineering
Volume 1, Issue 3, pp. 470-497
© 2004 Holon Academic Institute of Technology


Non-uniform two-dimensional electron gas
in a magnetic field

Alexander Shik

Centre for Advanced Nanotechnology
University of Toronto, Toronto M5S 3E4, Canada
e-mail: shik@ecf.utoronto.ca
Received 8 September 2004, accepted 13 October 2004


Basic properties of a two-dimensional electron gas with spatially varying carrier concentration in external magnetic fields are reviewed. The two main problems: modification of galvanomagnetic coefficients due to random fluctuations of equilibrium concentration and the concentration gradient created by the Lorenz force in the Hall direction - are considered for weak, classically strong, and quantizing magnetic fields. The screening of concentration non-uniformities under the quantum Hall conditions are discussed separately.

PACS: 75.47.-m, 71.70.Di


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