Academic Institute
  of Technology

  Journal of Science and Engineering 

Volume 1, Issue 2
1 April 2004

Editors of the issue:
Konstantin Kikoin and Yshai Avishai


Quantum Hall Effects and 2D Electron Systems

Fractional quantum Hall effect and vortex lattices 211
Sergey V. Iordanski
Long range coherent manipulation of nuclear spins in quantum Hall ferromagnet 220
Tsofar Maniv and Yuri A. Bychkov
Magnetic free energy of a two-dimensional metal I 235
M. Lawrence Glasser
Lifting of the Landau level degeneracy in 2D electron gas by point impurities 241
Pavel Grigoriev, Alexander M. Dyugaev, and Yuri N. Ovchinnikov
Phase Transitions and Relaxation

Pressure-induced orientation phase transition in solids 251
Victor A. Somenkov
Kinetic instability of semiconductor alloys 258
Iya P. Ipatova
, Vladislav G. Malyshkin, and Vitaly A. Shchukin
Fermi level pinning and long-term relaxation effects in doped IV-VI narrow-gap semiconductors 266
Dmitriy Khokhlov and Boris Volkov
On the theory of field induced relaxation in disordered system 274
Alexander L. Burin, Yuri Kagan, Leonid A. Maksimov, and Ilya Ya. Polishchuk
Quantum Liquids

Vibrational and acoustical properties of a liquid drop in the phase-separated 3He-4He fluid with a highly mobile interface 287
Haruka Abe, Serguei N. Burmistrov, and Takeo Satoh
Various charged complexes at the surface of liquid helium 297
Alexander M. Dyugaev, Pavel D. Grigoriev, Elena V. Lebedeva, and Peter Wyder
Nonlinear Phenomena

Light interaction with smectic A liquid crystals: nonlinear effects 306
Boris I. Lembrikov
Nonlinear phenomena at the surface of liquid hydrogen 348
Leonid P. Mezhov-Deglin, Alexandr A. Levchenko, Maxim Yu. Brazhnikov, and German V. Kolmakov
Stable soliton vs collapse dynamics of short laser pulses in non-linear structures with intermediate dimensionality 363
Dima Cheskis, Shimshon Bar-Ad, Roberto Morandotti, J. Stewart Aitchison, Hagai S. Eisenberg, Yaron Silberberg, and Duncan Ross
Friction in aperiodic crystals 378
Ted Janssen
Quasi-ergodic behavior for crossing diabatic potentials 386
Victor A. Benderskii, Evgenii V. Vetoshkin, and Efim I. Kats
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