HIT Journal of Science and Engineering 

Series A: Quantum Physics and Engineering

Volume 5, Issues 1-2
10 April 2008

Dedicated to the Memory of Prof. Israel D. Vagner


Editors of the issue:

Victor Fleurov, Konstantin Kikoin
Sackler School of Physics and Astronomy, Tel-Aviv University
Victor Kagalovsky
Sami Shamoon College of Engineering, Beer-Sheva


Editorial: Professor Israel D. Vagner 9
How I was Chief - Russian - Poet - Abroad 11
{One of the famous Izya's stories}
Honoring the memory of Professor Israel D. Vagner 15
Marina Privman and Vladimir Privman
Interqubit coupling based on indirect interaction of 31P nuclear spins with electrons localized in a 28Si nanowire 17
Issai Shlimak and Israel D. Vagner
Classical versus quantum percolation in quantum Hall systems in presence of nuclear polarization 29
Victor Kagalovsky, Israel Vagner, and Alexander Chudnovskiy
Bipolar diffusion in two-dimensional structures 41
Alexander Shik and Israel D. Vagner
Disorder effects in dilute magnetic semiconductors 52
Boris A. Aronzon
Accuracy of semiclassics: Comparative analysis of WKB and instanton approaches 71
Victor A. Benderskii, Evgenii V. Vetoshkin, and Efim I. Kats
From spin and orbital SU(4) to spin SU(2) Kondo effect in double quantum dot 93
Alexander Chudnovskiy, Frank Hellmuth, and Victor Kagalovsky
Quantitative evaluation of decoherence and applications for quantum-dot charge qubits 112
Leonid Fedichkin and Vladimir Privman
A two-parameter generalization of the complete elliptic integral of the second kind 140
M. Lawrence Glasser
Mobility of electrons on the surface of quantum liquids 143
Pavel D. Grigoriev, Alexander M. Dyugaev, and Elena V. Lebedeva
The Landau problem in a two-band model 164
Vladimir M. Gvozdikov
On the analytic structure of Green's function for the Fano - Anderson model 174
Eugene Kogan
Instability of the homogeneous state in dilute ferromagnetic semiconductors 184
Ikhiel Ya. Korenblit
Waveguiding power of photonic crystal slabs 189
Serge Luryi and Arsen V. Subashiev
Roles of the surface and the bulk electronic states in the de Haas - van Alphen oscillations of two-dimentional electron gas 205
Vladimir P. Mineev
Resonance phenomena in macroscopic quantum tunneling: the small viscosity limit 212
Yuri N. Ovchinnikov, Sara Rombetto, Berardo Ruggiero, Valentina Corato, and Paolo Silvestrini
Double-dot transport in the spin blockade regime 243
Gloria Platero and Jesús Iñarrea
On the connection between classical and quantum mechanics 255
Daniel Sepunaru
Is there a linewidth theory for semiconductor lasers? 265
Boris Spivak and Serge Luryi
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