Nanoengineering and Biotechnology Laboratories Center 



due to reallocation of the NABLAB Director, Dr. Sokolov, to Tufts University, this site is not longer active.

Director of NABLAB:


I.Sokolov  (Professor of Physics, Chemical and Biomolecular
Science) Biological Physics of cancer and aging: cell mechanics, cell-surface interactions, cell-particle interactions; self-organization of complex shapes; synthesis of advanced nanoparticles for biomedical labeling; slow drug release; biosensors; encapsulation of biomolecules; lab-on-a-particle.

Affiliated Members:


G. Ahmadi, (Dean, Wallace H. Coulter School of Engineering, Clarkson Distinguished Professor, Robert R. Hill '48 Professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering)  Research interests in modeling of nanoparticle transport.


S. Andreescu (Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Science) Microencapsulation techniques, bioremediation, and biosensors.


C. Cetinkaya, (Professor of Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering) Research interests include solid mechanics, thermo-elastic wave propagation, transient finite element analysis and symbolic computing.


D. Goia, (Professor of Chemistry) Nanoparticle synthesis and characterization


M. Gracheva, (Assistant Professor of Physics)  Computational Bionanotechnology,   Computational and Theoretical Biophysics, Computational Solid State Physics.


E. Katz (Milton Kerker Chaired Professor of Colloid Science) Biofunctionalized nanomaterials; Bionanoengineering; Bioelectronics & optobioelectronics; Bionanotechnology for bioelectronic applications; Enzyme-based biosensors; Amplified DNA-sensors and immunosensors; Biofuel cells; Biocomputing.


S. Krishnan (Assistant Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering) Interactions of synthetic materials (engineering of surfaces, using structured polymer thin films) with biological systems (cells and biomolecules).


A. Melman (Associate Professor of of Chemical and Biomolecular Science) Biomolecules, detection, sensors.


S. Minko (Egon Matijević Chaired Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Science) Stimuli-responsive materials for biomedical applications, sensors, molecular electronics, microactuators, microfluidic devices, membranes, textiles, super-hydrophobic coatings, and responsive dispersions.


E.Moczydlowski (Chair and Professor of Biology) Neuroscience and membrane biophysics. Structure, function, and pharmacology of ion channel proteins. Use of natural toxins as molecular probes for the study of ion channels and cellular imaging. Saxitoxin and saxiphilin.


V. Privman (Robert A. Plane Endowed-Chair Professor of Physics) Biocomputing, self-healing materials, modeling of colloid synthesis.


C. Robinson, (Professor of Electrical Engineering, Director, Center for Rehabilitation Engineering, Science & Technology (CREST) & Herman L. Shulman Chair Professor) Combining the development of micro- and nano-devices capable of measuring stroke sequences with fundamental research that characterizes the behavior of the nervous system.


C. Woodworth (Professor of Biology) Cancer cell biology and viral carcinogenesis. Activation of the transcription factor NF-kB by human papillomavirus (HPV); innate immune function of cervical cells from the transformation zone; the epidermal growth factor receptor (EGF-R) as a target for chemoprevention of cervical cancer.