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 Ken Visser
  Associate Professor

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Renewable Energy Research

Multi-Blade Low Speed Wind Turbine Design
Experimental and numerical studies are being conducted to evaluate the impact of solidity and blade number on the aerodynamic performance of a horizontal axis wind turbine. Blade element momentum and lifting line based wake-vortex methods are being used to study optimum design and constant-chord, untwisted blades. Wind tunnel experiments on a small turbine model are being performed to compare with numerical trends. Numerical results indicated that rotors with increased solidity and blade numbers above conventional 3 bladed designs, could yield higher power coefficients, Cp, for optimum design blades and constant chord untwisted blades. The tip speed ratio at these maximum power coefficients is lower, in ranges of 3 to 4 versus 5 to 7 for most modern designs. Wind tunnel studies have demonstrated power coefficient increases with solidity for a range of solidities between 7% and 27%, but did not indicate performance improvements for changes in blade number. Increasing the pitch angle decreased the optimum tip speed ratio range significantly with a small (5% or less) change in maximum CP. Contrary to numerical predictions for the optimum design 3 bladed rotors, an increased experimental solidity increased Cp and reduced the tip speed ratio of the optimum operating point. As blade number was increased at a constant solidity of 10% from 3 to 12 blades, aerodynamic efficiency and power sharply decreased, contrary to the numerical and the flat plate experimental results. Low Reynolds numbers and wind tunnel blockage effects limit these conclusions and a full scale prototype rotor is being constructed to examine the results of the numerical and experimental studies using a side-by-side comparison with a commercially available wind turbine at the Clarkson University wind turbine test site. For a short movie (13.6 MB), click here.

Wind Turbine Wake Flow Structure
Flow visualization is being used to observe and correlate the flow field of small horizontal axis wind turbine with the measured power extracted from the wind stream. Blade pitch angle and blade number have been varied for a series of constant chord, untwisted blade configurations. The off-body flow around the rotor is visualized using smoke particles and a laser light sheet while the power generated by the turbine is measured simultaneously in the wind tunnel. It hs been observed that for a given configuration and blade pitch, the wake vortex spacing scaled inversely with blade number and tip speed ratio to indicate the point of maximum turbine performance. The best operating point, over the entire blade pitch range, was found to correlate with the tip speed ratio to the third power. For a nifty flow visualization movie (27.2 MB), click here.

MDO Studies
Efforts are underway with the Department of Electrical Engineeing to design a new generator-rotor system that optimizes the energy transfer from the aerodynamic loads to the production of electricity. Studies involve building different types of generators and interfacing them with conventional and alternative blade configurations. The Clarkson Honors and REU programs have also afforded the opportunity for undergraduates to get involved in research activities.

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