1000 Islands Energy Research Forum


Conference Registration and Housing


TIERF 2014 will be held at the University of Ottawa, Ottawa Canada on Oct 23-25, 2014.

Registration closes on October 17, 2014

Registration fees:

    A - Full (Thurs. noon to Saturday noon): breakfast, lunch, dinner and breaks  - $250

    B - 1 day (Friday): breakfast,  lunch and dinner, breaks - $150

    C - 1/2 day (Thurs. pm or Saturday am): lunch, breaks, no dinner - $70

    D - Dinner for spouses or 1/2 day registrants - $50

Registration link: Click Here

Accomodation links

    The Novotel, The Courtyard Marriott, The Quality Hotel, The Westin

    Ottawa Centre Bed & Breakfast, HI- Ottawa Jail Hostel


Entry into Canada will require a passport and as necessary a valid visa. Please make sure you have the appropriate travel documents for entry into Canada and re-entry to the USA.

Canadian Visa Processing may take time. If you require Canadian Entry Visa, we highly recommend that you start the visa application process immediately.

Parking on campus is very limited therefore we recommend that you take a taxi or use public transportation.  Alternatively, we recommend that you park in the Brooks Parking as shown here to the right. Cost is $16 per day (Click on image for large printable version)