December 14, 2006

Workspace Survey

Although I'm no longer maintaining this particular weblog (new posts are now at the workspace weblog), I thought I'd post this survey info here as well.

I'm looking for participants to provide me with information about how they interact with and construct the spaces they work within. The survey shouldn't take more than 10 minutes or so to complete (potentially longer if you decide to provide more detailed responses).

The survey includes (a) an anonymous three-part section with open-ended and multiple-choice questions about your computer setup and the physical spaces around it as well as (b) a non-anonymous portion that asks you to send me screenshots and/or digital pictures of your workspace (and opportunities for followup questions via email later). You can fill out either section, or both, depending on how much time you have to put into this.


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December 06, 2006


I've started a different weblog over at workspace. The topics and content covered are pretty similar to what was on Datacloud, but I thought I could use a change of place.

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