December 29, 2004

sIFR for Anti-Aliased Browser Text

Metafilter reports (and discusses) Mike Davidson's sIFR, a public-domain Flash component that lets web designers anti-alias browser text in any font.

There are some drawbacks to sIFR: it doesn't work on clickable text links and normal copy/paste functionality doesn't work. But it's still an interesting option if you can work around that (in, for example, headings and other display text situations).

Update: CheekyGeek noted (in an obnoxious comment that I deleted) that follow-up discussion at the mefi link above indicates that the earlier discussion about flaws with sIFR aren't accurate. (Note to CheekyGeek: I'm just posting links as they come in; this isn't a newspaper.)


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Just hoping to clear up some of those points in a non obnoxious way. :)

sIFR does work for clickable link text, although nearly everyone (including much of the devlopment team) advises against using it for this purpose. The reason for this is that the contextual right click (which is available) limits itself to the Flash player contextual menu and not the specific browser options.

Copy paste functionality does work although visual feedback of this is absent when selected with body text.

Hope it's OK to point out these clarifications here, but the MetaFilter comments have got a little out of hand.

Just to pimp some links which are of far more value than MeFi to anyone interested in sIFR:

Dave Shea's Mezzoblue: sIFR - (

UsableType: How and when to use sIFR - (

Mike Davidson: Download RC3 - (

Posted by: Andrew Hume at January 2, 2005 03:57 PM

Thanks--useful explanation and links.

Posted by: Johndan at January 2, 2005 04:04 PM
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