Ian Ivar Suni, PhD

Professor, Dept. of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Director, Materials Science and Engineering PhD program

Clarkson University

Potsdam, NY 13699-5705


Fax:(315) 268-6654

Internet: isuni@clarkson.edu


Ph.D., chemistry, Harvard University, March, 1992.

B.S., chemical engineering, The University of Michigan, April, 1983.

Postdoctoral research associate, chemical engineering dept., The University of Illinois, 12/1991-8/1993.


I teach undergraduate and graduate courses in materials science and engineering (ES 260), reactor design (CH 345), microelectronic circuit fabrication (ES 357/557), surface reactivity: applications to microelectronics and catalysis (CH 441/541), thermodynamics (ES 340), biochemical engineering (CH 465), and corrosion engineering (ES 464/564). The course outlines can be accessed below.

ES 260: Introduction to Materials Science and Engineering

ES 340: Thermodynamics

ES357/ES557/EE345 Microelectronic Circuit Fabrication

CH 441/541: Surface Reactivity: Applications to Microelectronics and Catalysis

CH 465: Biochemical Engineering

CH 345: Chemical Reactor Analysis

ES 464/564: Corrosion Engineering


My research focuses on applying knowledge of the fundamentals of electrochemistry to interesting problems in biosensors, sustainable energy, semiconductor processing, and nanotechnology. This often involves the use of analytical techniques involving electrochemistry and spectroscopy, as well as mathemtical modeling of reaction and transport processes. My research intersts range from fundamental science to practical technology development.

My research group is primarily interested in electrochemical methods for depositing thin films for solar cell applications, electrochemical methods for biosensing, and thin film growth and dissolution for ULSI devices

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