March 2011
Clarkson University Research Featured on Physics Calendar

An image inspired by the work of Clarkson University researchers is featured on a 2011 calendar published by the Institute of Physics (IOP). Founded in 1874, IOP is a worldwide leading communicator and publishing organization with more than 40,000 members, publishing 60 journals read in more than 180 countries, The graphic for February features a pattern "inspired by force curves corresponding to combinations of antibodies on an immunosensor surface." It was motivated by a paper, titled "Atomic Force Microscopy Study of Immunosensor Surface to Scale Down Size of ELISA-type Sensor" (Nanotechnology, 2010, volume 21, number 14) and written by Clarkson University graduate students Dmytro Volkov, Guinevere Strack, and Jan Halamek (postdoctoral fellow), and Professors Evgeny Katz, and Igor Sokolov. Katz is the Milton Kerker Chaired Professor of Colloid Science, and Sokolov is director of the Nanoengineering and Biotechnology Laboratories Center (NABLAB). The research was done within the NABLAB Center, a unit established to promote cross-disciplinary collaborations within the University. Comprising more than a dozen faculty members, the center capitalizes on the expertise of Clarkson scholars in the areas of cancer cell research, fine particles for bio and medical applications, synthesis of smart materials, advanced biosensors, etc.