Our group
(in visible spectra, see below in IR)


Group Members:

Igor Sokolov (group leader) , Director of Nanoengineering and Biotechnology Laboratories Center (NABLAB)

Senior research fellows:

Maxim Dokukin,                Postdoctoral/Research Associate Fellow

Shajesh Palantavida            Postdoctoral/Research Associate Fellow

Graduate students:

Nataliia Guz, graduate student

Shuzheng Li , graduate student

Vivekanand Kalaparthi,  graduate student

Takeshi Kusaba,  visiting graduate student

Undergraduate students:

Andrew Cardin (Clarkson)
Andrew Doyle  (Clarkson)

Links to specific Laboratories:
SPM Laboratory Link to Sokolov’s SPM laboratory located at Science Building (102)
Advanced Materials Laboratory Link to Sokolov’s Material laboratory located at Science Building (113)
  Microscopy Laboratory Link to Sokolov’s Microscopy laboratory located at Science Building (117)

Former group members:

Dmitri Volkov,  graduate student (now in Air Force Lab, Florida)

Ravi M Gaikwad,  grad. student (now in U. of Waterloo, Canada)
Eun-Bum Cho, postdoctoral fellow (now faculty in Seoul National University of Science and Technology)

James Benson, graduate student (now in U. of Texas, San Antonio)

Sergey Vasyliev, research professor (now at Clarkson University, Staff Instrumental Scientist)

Sajo Naik, postdoc (now at U. of Utah)

Yaroslav Kievsky,  graduate student (now in P&G)

Swaminathan Iyer, postdoc (now Deputy Director of Research Center at U. of W.Australia).

Hasan Shodeev,  graduate student  (faculty, Wilfrid Laurier University)

Mike MicGuire,  graduate student  (now in consulting business)

Tamara Berdyyeva,  graduate student  (now in the Scripps Research Institute, CA)

Quy Khac Ong,  graduate student  (now in Luzana Tech in Switzerland)

Venkatesh Subbarao,  graduate student (now in Wayne State University)

Alexandre Semenov, Research Professor,(now, stuff scientist, MSU)

Viktor Kuryshko,  graduate student (Industry position, Philadelphia)

Former undergraduate students worked at the group:

Anna Paola Soliani,  undergraduate student

Samuel Emery,  undergraduate student

Lucas Root,  undergraduate student

Kule Carbert,  undergraduate student

Duch Routt,  undergraduate student

James Benson,  undergraduate student

Brent Carey,  undergraduate student

Christine E. Suss, undergraduate student
Taylor Nelson, undergraduate student
Connor M Harrison, undergraduate student
Brian R Kowalczyk, undergraduate student
Mikhael Krischuk, undergraduate student
Kate Price, undergraduate student

Our group in IR (7-14 um)

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