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Research Interests
Our research credo is to study the most novel,  needed, but not very explored areas. This is an exciting but challenging way -- think about it if you decide to join our group. This is about  Research and Curiosity.

Our research interests are at the cross of Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, Science and Engineering. It is hard to restrict it to just one discipline - the cost of paying for multidisciplinary research. The closest match are the research in:


Favorite technique: Atomic Force Microscopy

Please see the links below for further detail:


Condensed Matter in General (Hard and Soft):

Soft Condensed Matter and Bio-medical research:

Biological Physics is the study of biological processes/systems through the application of AFM and photonics, seeking quantitative information at the molecular, cellular, organismal, and systems level.

Energy-related materials/Sustainability:

 Surface Science and Engineering:

Translational Research:

  • Ultra-brigtht fluorescent silica particles for labeling, tracing, detection (patented and patent-pending technology).
  • AFM-based multi-frequency nanoindenter (patented and patent-pending technology).
  • Polishing of Dental surfaces: creation of polishing slurries/pastes to polish tooth down to molecular smoothness. This prevents bad bacteria from forming long-lasting films, and consequent caries (patent pending).
  • Characterization of human skin.
  • Physical methods of identification of cancer cells for early detection of cervical cancer (patent pending).
  • Nano-stethoscope project (feasibility project).
  • Nanoporous silica for filtration (patent pending).
  • The use of self-healing composite materials for dental cements and restoration (patent pending).

Favorite techniques:

  • Variations of Scanning Probe Microscopy (SPM, AFM) for nanoscale materials property measurements and mapping.
  • Confocal combinations with AFM and Raman spectroscopy.
  • Various other microscopy.


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