Hung Tao Shen
Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Clarkson University
Box 5710, 234 Rowley Laboratories
Potsdam, NY 13699-5710 U.S.A.
Telephone: (315)268-6606
FAX: (315)268-7985
Updated: October 26, 2005

      REU Marine Science and Engineering in China

Teaching Interests

River hydraulics; cold regions hydraulic engineering; hydrodynamic dispersion, sediment transport

Research Interests

Dynamics of River Ice Transport and Ice Jams
River Ice Freeze-Up Processes
Sea Ice Dynamics Models
Modeling Transport of Oil and Chemicals in Surface Waters
Hydraulics of Flow in Vegetated Channels
Computer Models

Current projects include modeling dynamics of river and sea ice; river ice breakup and ice jams; frazil and anchor ice in rivers; analysis of ice transport over ice booms; effect of ice on scour around bridge piers, modeling oil and chemical transport in surface waters; wetland hydraulics

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