Dipankar Roy


Ph.D. and M.S. Thesis Committees (outside my own research group) that I have served during my appointment at Clarkson University:

71. Hariprasad Amanapu, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering (2013); Thesis: Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Ruthenium and Several Dielectric Films.

70. Nataliia Guz, Ph.D., Physics (2013); Thesis: Application of Advanced Microscopy Techniques to Study Quantum Dots and Bio-materials

69. Lin Wu, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering (2013, in progress); Thesis: Electrostatic interactions and Hydration Repulsion in Protein Adsorption on Zwitterionic Polymer Surfaces.

68. Amy I-ning Jou, Physics (2013, in progress); Thesis topic: Biological Physics

67. Vivek Kalaparthi, M.S., Physics (2013); Thesis: Advanced Microscopy of Biological Cells

66. Janice Losenge Lebga, M.S. Chemical Engineering, 2012; Thesis: Structure-property relationships in triflate and mesylate protic ionic liquids toward application in high-temperature PEM fuel cells.

65. John Bogere Matovu, M.S. Chemical Engineering, 2011; Thesis: Chemical mechanical polishing of Ge in hydrogen peroxide based slurries: Role of ionic strength.

64. Brown Peethala, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2011; Thesis: Chemical mechanical polishing of ruthenium, cobalt and black diamond films.

63. Naresh Penta, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2011; Thesis: Novel slurry formulations and associated mechanisms for chemical mechanical polishing of poly-Si, SiO2 and Si3N4 films in microelectronic applications.

62. Dmytro Volkov, Ph.D., Physics, 2011; Thesis: Study of self-assembly of nanoporous silica particles and biomolecules on sensing surfaces.

61. Shivaji Peddeti, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2011; Thesis: Polishing of Ge using silica based slurries in the presence of oxidizers.

60. Veera Dandu, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2010; Thesis: Tunable removal rates of silicon dioxide, silicon nitride and polysilicon films during chemical mechanical polishing.

59. Lalitha Ganapatibhotla, M.S., Chemical Engineering, Thesis: Synthesis and characterization of alkylated, PEgylated and fluorinated imidazolium iodides as potential electrolytes for dye-sensitized solar cells.

58. Sathish Janjam, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering (2010) Thesis: Chemical; mechanical polishing of tantalum and tantalum nitride.

57. Charan Surisetty, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2010; Thesis: Development and performance analysis of several new CMP slurries for sub-30nm Cu technologies.

56. Ravi Gaikwad, Ph.D., Physics, 2010; Thesis: Study of surface properties of biomaterials and biosystems at nanoscale.

55. Saravanan Suppiah, Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, 2010; Thesis: Continuous Single Phase Rimming Flow in a Horizontal Rotating Cylinder.

54. Vamsi K. Devarapalli, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering (in progress, 2008) Thesis: CMP of Ta and Understanding the Effect of Abrasives in the Barrier Slurry using Modeling

53. Surya Moganty. Ph.D., Chemical Engineering, 2009; Thesis: Thermodynamic, transport and electrochemical properties of room temperature ionic liquids.

52. Ionel Halacuiga, Ph.D., Physics, 2009; Thesis: Formation mechanism of metal colloids.

51. Ram Manchiryal, Ph.D. Civil Engineering, 2009; Thesis: Dielectric response based characterization and strength prediction of cementitous materials.

50. Alexander Dementsov, Ph.D., Physics (2008) Thesis: Modeling of Self-Healing Materials

49. Debangsu Bhattacharyya, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering (2007) Thesis: Steady State and Dynamic Modeling, Optimization and Control of an Anode-Supported Tubular Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC)

48. Sachin Pandija, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering (2007) Thesis: Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Copper Interconnects and Dielectric Films for Microelectronic Applications

47. Nuha Salem, Ph.D., Chemistry (2007)
Thesis: Electrochemical Studies of Orthophthalaldehyde (OPA) in Aqueous Solutions, Equilibria and Kinetics

46. Vinay Melad, PhD, Chemical Engineering (2007)
Thesis topic: Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Methyl Silsequioxane

45. Suresh Ramkrishnan, Ph.D., Chemical Engineering (2006)
Thesis: Application of Fine Particles in Chemical Mechanical Planarization & in Phosphors.

44.Satish Janjam, M.S., Chemical Engineering (2006).
Thesis: Preparation and Evaluation of Mixed Abrasive Slurries for Chemical Mechanical Planarization of Cu and Ta.

43.Hayati Celik, PhD, Chemistry, (2006).
Thesis: Electrochemical Investigations of Solution Chemistry of Oximes.

42.Melek Sirin Baymak, PhD, Chemistry, (2006).
Thesis: Electrochemical and Chemical Reactions of Some AromaticmCarboxyaldehydes.

41.Abhinav Tripathi MS, Chemical Engineering (2006).
Thesis: Electrochemical methods for fabrication of Au nanostructures and their applications for biosensors

40.Y. Hong, PhD, Engineering Science ( 2006).
Thesis: Effect of Slurry Chemicals on Chemical Mechanical Planarization of Copper

39. Yaroslav Kievsky, PhD, Physics, (2006).
Thesis: Self Assembly of nanoporos silica shapes: Synthesis, Morphogenesis, and Applications.

38. Michael McGuire, MS, Physics (2005).
Thesis: Building Extension to the Atomic Force Microscope to Study Electronic Properties of Nanosize Objects

37. Quy Ong, MS, Physics (2005).
Thesis: AFM Study of Interactions Between Oxide Nanoparticles and Surfaces.

36. Arcadi Federov, PhD, Physics (2005).
Thesis: Nanotechnology and quantum computing.

35.S. Pandija MS, Chemical Engineering (2005)
Thesis: Novel Complexing Agents in Chemical Mechanical Planarization Slurries of Copper.

34. Jianbing Wang, PhD, Chemical Engineering (2006). Thesis topic: Impedance spectroscopy for biosensor applications.

33. Udaya Patri, PhD, Chemical Engineering (2005).
Thesis: Novel Chemicals & Role of Complexing/Chelating Agents in Chemical Mechanical Polishing of Copper.

32. Bing Du, PhD, Chemical Engineering (2004).
Thesis: Studies of copper electropolishing in phosphoric acid based electrolytes and its application to planarization of ULSI copper wafers.

31. Jin Lu, PhD, Chemical Engineering (2004).
Thesis: Relative roles of chemicals and abrasives in metal and dielectric chemical mechanical planarization. D. Roy served as a thesis co-advisor:

30. Zhenyu. Lu, PhD, Chemical Engineering (2004).
Thesis: Investigation of the role of abrasive shape, size and morphology in chemical mechanical polishing.

29. Venkata Gorantla, PhD, Chemical Engineering (2004).
Thesis: Role of Slurry Chemicals in Chemical Mechanical Planarization of Copper Interconnects.

28. Michael Ramsdell, Ph.D., Physics (2004).
Thesis: The design, development, and assessment of advanced modeling based projects in introductory physics.

27.Sanjeev Sapra, M.S., Chemical Engineering (2004).
Thesis: Electrochemical methods for the synthesis of nanoparticles of noble metals (Au, Ag, Cu) using pulse reverse plating.

26. Antonio Abrantes, PhD, Civil and Environmental Engineering (2003).
Thesis: Three dimensional stress-strain behavior of cohesionless material subjected to high strain rate.

25. Jongsoon Park, PhD, Physics (2003).
Thesis: Dynamics of growth of monodispersed colloids: a dissertation.

24.Tamara Berdyyeva, MS, Physics (2003).
Thesis: Advanced use of the atomic force microscopy in chemical mechanical planarization (CMP) and biophysics.

23. Zuocheng Wang, MS, Chemical Engineering (2003).
Thesis: Study of Copper Electroless/Electrochemical deposition onto Tantalum and Ta/Si Wafer".

22. Farhad Reza, PhD, Civil Engineering (2001).
Thesis: Electrical resistance change in carbon fiber cement composites for nondestructive integrity monitoring.

21. Jason Ritter, PhD, Chemistry (2001).
Thesis: Environmental and biological applications performance chromatographic techniques: a dissertation.

20. Eliza Hutter, PhD, Chemistry (2001).
Thesis: Interactions in nanostructured materials.

19. Illa Moskowitz, PhD, Engineering Science (2001).
Thesis: The Effect of PACVD Process Variables on Properties of a-Si:C:H Films.

18. Yinon Shafrir, PhD, Physics (2001).
Thesis: The Cytoskeleton and Signaling: Computer Modeling Based on Percolation.

17. Chandra Tiwari, MS, Chemical Engineering (2001).
Thesis; Additive-free copper electroplating for chip interconnects.

16. Madhu Pusrala, MS, Chemical Engineering (2001).
Thesis: Mathematical Modeling of Electropolishing using Finite Difference Methods.

15. Yuan Tian, PhD, Chemical Engineering (2000).
Thesis: Cu Planarization During Electrodissolution and AFM and Optical Characeterization of Au Deposition Onto p-Si(111).

14. Daniela Lange, Ph.D., Physics (2000).
Thesis: Biomolecular Interactions Probed by Fluorescence Resonance Energy Transfer.

13. Ramanathan Srinivasan, MS, Chemical Engineering (1995).
Thesis: Preliminary Experiments for the Measurement of Surface Diffusivity in Electrochemical Systems.

12. Sasangan Ramanathan, PhD, Chemical Engineering (1995).
Thesis: New Catalysts for Hydroprocessing: Transition Metal Carbides and Nitrides.

11. Rajat Kapoor, PhD, Chemical Engineering (1994).
Thesis: Synthesis, Reactivity, and Thermochemistry of Vanadium Carbide and Nitride.

10. Anantha Desikan, PhD, Chemical Engineering (1993).
Thesis: Oxygen Chemisorption and Selective Oxidation of Propylene on Molybdenum Oxide Catalysts.

9. D. Balamurgan, PhD, Chemical Engineering (1993).
Thesis: Characterization and Reactivity of Ozone Decomposition Catalysis.

8. Elva O'Sullivan, PhD, Chemistry (1992).
Thesis: Synthesis of Fine Particles in Associated Surfactant Media.

7. Bruno Langlois, Ph.D., Chemistry (1992).
Thesis: A Four-Component Complex System.

6. Phillip Kaufman, PhD, Chemistry (1992).
Thesis: Reduction of Carbon Dioxide by Dihydrogen and Other Catalytic Reactions in the Presence of Transition Metal Complexes in Solution.

5. Maria Bartlet, PhD, Physics (1991).
Thesis: Surface and Size Effects in Statistical Mechanics: Irreversible Adsorption, Polymer and Interfaces.

4. Jovan Nedeljkovic, PhD, Chemistry (1991).
Thesis: Formation and Optical Properties of Quantum Size Inorganic Colloidal Particles.

3. Marina Privman, PhD, Chemistry (1991).
Thesis: Electrochemical Behavior of Vanadium Electrodes in Aqueous Acidic and Alkaline Solutions.

2. Richard Rydgren, PhD, Physics (1991).
Thesis: A Comparison of Measurement and Simulation for KeV Electron Scattering from Crystals.

1. Andrew McDermott, PhD, Physics (1990).
Thesis: Experimental Studies of the Influence of Beam Composition on Elastic Scattering Yields of Low Energy 20R Ne Ions.

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