Center for Excellence in Communications

The Eastman Kodak CEC is the main lab on campus for Digital Arts and Communications work. The lab includes 26 state-of-the-art dektop computers, the majority of /which have dual screen 22-inch LCD monitors, Wacom Tablets, 3D mice, and high-resolution scanners. Each machine contains the latest Digital Art software, including the Adobe CS3 Suite, Maya 2008, Rhinocerous 4.0, ZBrush, 3D Studio Max, and more. The lab is supported by a computer-projection system in the front of the lab, and a Promethean widescreen HD projector in the rear, connected to a PC/DVD and VCR. The back of the lab also contains rendering PCs and couches for class presentations. Besides the main lab, the CEC contained a Media Lab, with high-speed rendering PCs for nonlinear digital and audio editing. The CEC's usability testing lab has two computers, an observers and a "test subject" loaded with Morae Testing software and communication hardware. The Clarkson Writing Center and Media Studio are also part of the Center, providing students with personal feedback on essays and other writings, and equiptment for satellite, ISDN, and IP teleconferencing.