The Executive Board

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President: Hunter Preston '10
The president is the center of the band. He/she chairs all E-board meetings, handles public relations for the band and looks over the other officers to make sure that they are doing their jobs. In order to become President you must have held another office in the band in a previous year.

Director: Andrew Smith '12 <
Ah yes, the director. A position of power, control, and dignity. Well, it would be if we paid attention to him/her. Probably the most hectic position of the five. He/she has the enormous task of leading the band in song, coming up with new music and attracting high school students to the join the band.

Vice-President: Bridget Murray '10
The VP is responsible for making sure that the band knows of upcoming events and changes in the schedule, writing the weekly newsletter, is the keeper of attendance and does other little administrative things to help out the other officers. In other words all the work gets dumped on him/her.

Business Manager: Robert "Banjo" Cully '10
The Business manager handles the financial aspects of the band. Makes reservations for buses and hotels so that the band can invade other arenas, is in charge of the fundraising and takes care of renting, repairing and buying parts for the instruments.

Historian: Dexter Bullis'12
One of the historian's jobs is to take pictures and record the history of the band. The photo album at the end of the year is the final product of a year's endeavor. Secondly the web site is maintained by the historian. Thirdly, info sheets, road trip quizzes, useless games and activities to kill time at the mall, and flyers and the like are also the historian's responsibility.

Floozie: Phil Thompson '10
Elected each fall the floozie is an official unofficial position. The Floozie does have some say, along with the other officers, about what goes on in the band Ranking right up their with Egor and Quasimodo, the Floozie is one of the best servents.... cleans dishes, does laundry and homework. For the most part you can find the Floozie organizing all of the bands intramural sport teams and organizing social gatherings.

Sergeant At Arms: Michael Guethle'11
Not even an officer, not even elected, he only has one job. He is the escort to the candidates when elections come around.