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Hockey!!! - October 23, 2008

After a moderately successful weekend against RIT and Niagra, Hockey is back in Potsdam as the Golden Knights return to Cheel arena. These will be the first home games of the year as the Men play Colorado College and the Women play Mercyhurst so make sure that you are there!

Also, If you didn't know, this weekend is also Homecoming. Unfortunately, it doesnt look like the weather is going to cooperate so all of the pre game events have been moved to the IRC instead of outside of Cheel. No big deal really as it still looks like its going to be a great time.

As a side note, Ive been having updating issues so that why no updates lately. But if you check out the 'members only' link, you'll see that it actually goes somewhere now. The pep band has a wiki. To register, click login, and then register. You wont be able to access anything at first until I approve your account but that should be too long.


Get Back To Work! - August 8, 2008

Since the new year is just on the horizon, I figured I should make some well needed updates. Sorry for the wait, but I've been doing a ton of work on the sites nether regions to make the things run better, so you may have notice the site go down from time to time (but I doubt you did).The new eboard has been added as well as a few things that you probably wont notice. I plan on adding more pictures soon,so just hold on.

Now that my little rant is over, a new year at Clarkson University is about to begin! As many of you are aware, the band will be making its first appearance of the new year at Holcroft night Saturday August 23 at 8:30. This means that all you bandies that plan on being there and have not yet email the eboard about it, you better hurry up, or else you cant move in early.

I would personally like to invite any incoming freshman to Clarkson that may be interested in joining us to visit the band table at the activities fair. We're a pretty close bunch of people and we always have a good time. So make sure you come see what we're about.

Thats all for now. See everyone back at CU!

And the nominations are... -April 7, 2008

This past saturday, your Clarkson Pep Band met in the Adirondack Lodge for the annual Executive Board elections. There was a good turn out of bandies at the elections and a race for every position. After five separate elections, some serious debate, and several close calls, the new e-board was elected. And now presenting your new Clarkson Executive Board the the 2008-2009 year.

President - Travis Creamer
Vice President - Hunter Preston
Musical Director - Max Martin
Business Manager - Travis Reed
Historian - Bridget Murray

I would like to congratulate the new e-board and wish them the best of luck for the new year. And as you can see, I am no longer webmaster and instead now go by the title of president (small upgrade), so I would like take this opportunity to personally thank the band for electing me and believing that I can lead the band in this upcoming year. I have some big plans but more on that later.

As for the immediate future, April 19 is the annual band barbeque/kickball game. Things will kick off around 11:30ish. More details are to come, expect an email. But I better see you there(Assuming your in the band/hockey team/etc.)

I know what your thinking, will I still be updating the website and reporting your pep band news. Well, the short answer is, for the time being yes. I still want to add more features, so I will be handling things for a bit, but I plan on passing on the site to Bridget soon.

Again, congrats to the e-board, I really believe that next year will be an amazing year for the band. Thats all for now.

-Your new President, Travis

The End is Here -March 30, 2008

This weekend the band traveled down to Albany to support the Golden Knights in their NCAA Tournament run. The first game was to be against St. Cloud State and during this game it was almost as if we were in Cheel Arena. Clarkson's crowd was huge compared to St. Cloud, the team did a great job keeping up the pressure, and we even played the national athems. Funny thing about that is that we were never told that we were going to play them until the announcer said we were about to play. They apparently only wanted the athem of the U.S. but we played both. I've heard that the arena staff wasn't too happy about that. Back on topic, during the game, despite good pressure in the begining, St. Cloud scored first. Clarkson however, was able to rally to secure a 2-1 victory.

Unfortunately, Saturday was not as favorable for us. The University of Michigan beat Niagra meaning we had to play the top rated team in the country (and also listen to about the same three songs over and over, since the Michigan band apparently doesn't know a whole lot). There was alot of anticipation from everyone. The crowds were about evenly matched, and we had an opposing band to play against. Michigans band played the U.S. anthem first, then came the introductions, then finally, to support many of the players (and to spite the arena), we played the Canadian anthem before the puck dropped. As the game got underway, Clarkson was playing very well, and kept up good pressure. Unfortunately, there was a defensive breakdown and Leggio ended up on his back on the side of the net allowing Michigan to (barely) score. The game was pretty even untill the begining of the third when Clarkson seemed to just hand the puck over in our zone which lead to Michigan scoring again. In the end Clarkson was shut out 0-2.

Overall, it was a pretty good weekend, despite the losing thing. It was sad, but the team played great and we will miss all the seniors leaving. Good luck to them.

This weekend will be officer elections for the E-Board so if your in the band make sure you are there to vote for your new eboard. Also, Kickball and awards are coming up soon, so stay tuned for more on that.



Not quite the end - March 18, 2008

It was a very somber day sunday despite a good effort by the Golden Knights this weekend as the mens team suffered a defeat to Colgate at home ending their attempt at winning the ECAC Tournament Championship. It went into three games and each was more exciting than the last. Clarkson managed to pull off a win in the first game but couldn't hold on in the next two. Being the start of spring break, the crowd got weaker and weaker as the games progressed. However, those of us that stayed did our best at keeping Cheel Arena as lively as ever.

This is not necessarily the end, however. There is still a good chance that Clarkson will make an appearance in the NCAA tournament. It looks like there is a good chance that we will stay in the east so there's still an opportunity to keep the season alive.

Again, Congratulations to the seniors and the whole team for a great season. The years not over yet. LETS GO TECH!!!


The Tigers Have Been Tamed - March 3, 2008

This was one of the busiest and most exciting weekends for the band in a very long while. With the women playing their first home playoff games at home against Princeton and the men playing Princeton and Quinnipiac. Starting at around 2:30 on friday with free t-shirts, food, and raffles and lasting to roughly 4pm on sunday, many of us were there for it all.

Both teams played well this week. Although the women's team had a slow start by losing the first game in their series, they really picked it up in the next two games to defeat Princeton and move onto the next round. The men played a very close and exciting game vs. Princeton on friday but were able to hold them off for the victory and to claim the regular season title. Saturdays game vs. Quinnipiac had it all. Eight goals, three being short-handed, a shut out, bandies stripping, etc. Congrats to Tim Potter for playing a great game and several awesome saves.

Behind the scenes, many band alumni were up this weekend. It was great to see them as well as discuss how the Alumni Association can help the band out in the future. Congratulations to the new E-board of CUPBAA.

We would also like to congratulate and thank the seniors on both teams for a great year and making Clarkson hockey such a great time. Keep it going!


ps. Thanks for Brunch Tony!

Welcome - February 26, 2008

Well, its been a long time coming, but the new home page of the Clarkson University Pep Band is now online. This is about the third version that was put together and I really like how it turned out. Not all of the features are fully functional yet, but much of the site is.

On the top of every page you will notice a new banner that rotates between several images. At the bottom is a calander that shows you all of the Clarkson hockey games, band events, and intramural sports. The new media page is vastly improved compared to the old method so check it out, its pretty cool. The Intramural, members, and archived pages aren't completed yet but I do have plans for them. I also plan on uploading much of the old content at some point but I figure that this is a good start.

Before I close, I would like to thank Chris Cameron for all of his help. He helped put together a huge portion of the site and got many of the features up and running.

That's all for now. I hope you enjoy the site and feel free to send me comments/suggestiions. If you are near Potdam this weekend make sure that you are at the Hockey games. They're really important for both teams.