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Welcome to my webpage! It has been a while since I updated my webpage and it needs heavy updating (it's hard to keep up with it, my CV above is up to date)...

Currently I am an Assistant Professor of Mathematics at Clarkson University teaching Statistics. I am working on several topics that involve Bayesian/Maximum Entropy inference. Besides the paper I delivered at MaxEnt 2007 which successfully combines MaxEnt with Bayes as mentioned below (0708.1593), I delivered an Econometrics paper in Italy (0710.2912) and presented an invited contribution extending this paper at Advances in Econometrics. I also presented a paper on Ecology (0709.4079) and on a complex agent based example using the new method (0712.4290) at NECSI. and many more things since...see CV above!

Check out the blurb about the MaxEnt 07 meeting that Prof Kevin Knuth wrote on his blog: maxent-2007 Thanks Kevin! Then you can check out the video of my talk that the guys put on the web: video

I had been working for the past three years as a Postdoctoral Research Assoiciate in the Applied Physics Group (head: Prof. Richard. B. Miles) , Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering through the Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM), Princeton, NJ.

At Priceton, I have been studying magnetic diffusion effects in fast moving conductors. I have worked closely with Infolytica Corp. to extend their MagNet code so that it is capable of following the dynamics of the interaction as a rapidly moving conducting object enters a strong magnetic field. I have also worked with Sandia Labs to perform simulations using their ALEGRA code. The effects include the formation of eddy currents, magnetic flux compression and non uniform force fields that can lead to deformation of the high velocity object. This falls into the high magnetic Reynolds number regime and the research has been supported by DARPA for vehicle protection from high velocity projectiles. It also has applications to protection from space debris. In addition to creating numerical models for this complex problem, I derived an analytical approximation that I also verified experimentally using drop tests through a superconducting 6.5 Tesla magnet. I have suggested this as a method of protection from Micrometeoroid and Orbital Debris (MODD). My paper regarding this that I presented at the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA) Orlando 2010 conference can be found here. NASA has been extremely interested. Currently I have the whole system described in an Applied Physics Letter currently under review. (More updates to come...)

To your left are links to various conferences that I am either attending or hope to attend. Below are recent notes that are used for various events or announcements. At the top you will find a copious amount of links to many subjects. Courses are classes that I teach or have taught. My Research has links to my papers, presentations and a little more about my specific research interests. Research Links are links to specific people and things that my research touches. Professional Links are helpful links for professionals in academe. My CV and contact pages are the best places to check me out. Under Curriculum Vitae you will find a short, bulleted online version and a downloadable pdf version. For my full contact information, simply click on Contact Me. The rest are misc links that I find useful and some personal stuff. All of my pages are searchable with Google. I intend to put a link on this page at some point. If anything does not work let me know and again welcome!

Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM)The Princeton Institute for the Science and Technology of Materials (PRISM) is a multidisciplinary research center at Princeton University in the general field of materials science through photonics with a special emphasis on the hard material - soft material interface. Its mission includes graduate and undergraduate education and research, which will have a long-term impact on society. Key elements of PRISM are the integration of the sciences and engineering, with work spanning from fundamental theory through applications, and the integration of our work with efforts outside Princeton , especially with industry.

MaxEnt 2008 - July 6-11, 2008The 28th International Workshop on Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering is going to be held in San Paulo, Brazil this year. I will be presenting a paper that am co-writing with a good friend of mine, Carlo Cafaro. It is basically an extension of his works as well as mine. You can see the abstract here. If I have time to work on it, I also plan on presenting a paper that examines field theory approach to a ferromagnet with defects.

ISBA 2008 - July 21-25, 2007The 9th World Conference of the International Society for Bayesian Analysis (ISBA) is to be held on Hamilton Island Australia in 2008. The ISBA conferences are held every two years, with every second one held jointly with the Valencia meetings. These conferences have become one of the premier events in Bayesian statistics. ISBA08 will broadly follow the tradition of these meetings, combining an excellent scientific program that embraces all things Bayesian.

I am very exited to be collaborating on a paper with Arnold Zellner where we compare our methods on linking Bayes with MaxEnt. This paper will be presented at ISBA 2008.

Santa Fe Institute - TBD, 2008I have been invited by Eric Smith to give a talk at SFI on the latest uses for the ME method. Right now he is trying to organize this very kind proposal (perhaps through a workshop or something) the time is TBD.

2008 Bayesian Biostatistics Conference - 30 January - 1 February 2008Current and prospective users of Bayesian biostatistics are invited to join experts in the field for a three-day conference at The University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center.

I was selected to receive a travel grant to attend the 2008 Bayesian Biostatistics Conference. Thank you very much symposium organizers!

Advances in Econometrics - November 2-4, 2007This is a research annual who's editorial policy is to publish papers that are in sufficient detail so that econometricians who are not experts in the topics of the volume will find them useful in their research. In addition, a special conference for contributors is planned for November 2-4, 2007 at the Lod and Carole Cook Conference Center on the Louisiana State University campus in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I was invited to attend this conference and present. I also have been given a waiver that will cover registration, meals and lodging. Thank you conference organizers!

The Seventh International Conference on Complex Systems (ICCS2007) Boston, MA, USA, 28 October-2 November 2007 meets to investigate those properties or characteristics common to complex systems, and to encourage cross fertilization among the many disciplines involved.

I delivered two papers and two oral presentations at this conference entitled, "Inferring Diversity: Life After Shannon" and "Updating Probabilities: A Complex Agent-Based Example". Thanks to the organizers for the conference support.

Meeting the Entropy Challenge - An International Thermodynamics Symposium In Honor and Memory of Professor Joseph Henry Keenan (MIT) October 4-5, 2007The symposium featured an open discussion among international experts about conceptual, foundational and philosophical issues, enigmas, paradoxes and open questions regarding the role that the second law of thermodynamics plays in natural sciences, including physics, biology, energy, engineering, quantum information, micro and nanotechnology, and cosmology. The presentations and the discussions shall be recorded, transcribed, and after review by the speakers, published in the Symposium Proceedings.

I was awarded a Keenan Symposium Fellowship to help with travel costs associated with attending this symposium! Thank you very much symposium organizers!

Econophysics Colloquium and Beyond - September 27-29, 2007The aim of the conference was to gather together researchers from different communities (Physics, Economics, Finance, Mathematics, Biology, Computer Science and Engineering) in order to review recent results, exchange ideas and methods and confront different view points on common problems linking economics and physical sciences, or broadly speaking soft and hard sciences. The ambition of the organizers was to promote open-minded, fruitful, cross-fertilizing exchanges between renowned academics of different fields, market analysts and practitioners.

The conference focused on topics covered by the field of Econophysics which applies methods from statistical physics and non-linear dynamics to macro/micro-economic modeling, agent based models, financial market analysis and social problems.

I delivered a paper and an oral presentation at this conference. The proceedings will be published by Springer-Verlag.

MaxEnt 2007 - Update 7/21/2007The 27th International Workshop on Bayesian Inference and Maximum Entropy Methods in Science and Engineering ran with very smooth and I was very pleased with the end product. Besides presenting "Updating Probabilities with Data and Moments", I also organized a respectable part of the main conference. As an editor of the AIP proceedings, the next step is to get the book out!