Chapter History

Fall 1957

    The Clarkson Society of Accountants petitions Alpha Kappa Psi, a National Professional Business Fraternity, for a charter.

February 8, 1958

    The charter of the Delta Chi Chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi is received, and the chapter is installed.


    Delta Chi Chapter hosts the Eastern Regional Conference.


    The "Lay it on the Line" fund raising project is organized to finance a Christmas party for underprivileged children in the Potsdam.

    The Career Fair is also organized in this year. The two day fair is held each Fall prior to on-campus recruiting. Students are afforded the opportunity to meet informally with company representatives to discuss career opportunities.


    Delta Chi Chapter hosts the Eastern Regional Conference.

Early 1970's

    The brothers of the Delta Chi Chapter try to introduce legislation to amend Alpha Kappa Psi's National Bylaws to include women as brothers. Though supported by several other chapters, the proposed amendments are defeated. In an effort to circumvent the National Bylaws, a Little Sister program is initiated in Potsdam which permits Clarkson women to participate in all chapter activities except AKPsi ritual.

Fall 1973

    Four women are admitted to the Delta Chi Chapter. Soon after, females are granted full rights and privileges, including Ritual initiation into our chapter.

September 1974

    Vickie Liberty is elected 1974-75 Chapter President and is delegate to the 1974 National Convention. As a result, the charter of the Delta Chi Chapter is revoked in September.


    The chapter is now a local organization called Delta Chi, but continues to operate in a manner similar to the way it has as a chapter of Alpha Kappa Psi.


    The National Bylaws are amended to allow women, but Delta Chi declines an invitation to reactivate the Delta Chi Chapter of AKPsi. A copyright challenge from a social fraternity of the same name forces the local organization to adopt the name Delta Chi Delta.

Fall 1983

    Brothers discuss affiliation with a national organization. The following spring, the decision is made to reactivate the Delta Chi Chapter.

April 14, 1984

    Seventy-one brothers are inducted in ceremonies held on this day, reaffiliating our chapter with Alpha Kappa Psi.


    Delta Chi Chapter hosts the Eastern Regional Conference.


    Delta Chi celebrates its 30th anniversary Lay it on the Line fundraiser.


    The Northern New York Employment Fair is born. Modeled similar to the original industrial fair, the NNEF attempted to cater to a multitude of student degree programs.