Welcome to Our Orchestra

The Orchestra

The Clarkson Orchestra has been a university-sponsored club for many years and is well-received around the campus. The club traditionally meets for two hours once a week to play a variety of pieces ranging from originally composed Beethoven to modern works. The level of difficulty is tailored to suit the size and skill of the group performing as well as to be challenging for players of all levels.

The orchestra gives four main performances during the year. The first occurs on Family Weekend in Cheel Commons to give a preview of the concert selections. A winter performance is held near the end of the first semester in the Barben Rooms in upstairs Cheel. The first performance of the spring is to provide accompaniment for the opening and closing of the Phalanx ceremony. Phalanx is Clarkson University's highest honor society. A final spring concert is held the last week before finals, this also the Barben Rooms.

The orchestra plans to acquire new music every year depending on student playing styles.

The Clarkson Orchestra does not just include students, but welcomes community members and others from surrounding colleges who have a love for music. Anyone may join us in filling out the different parts. When we meet it's not only for playing music, but to laugh, take from each other, and get to know people young and old on a whole new level.